About International Students At PGCC

  • Admission for International Applicants


    PGCC welcomes international students that are not US citizens providing that they are permanent residents with proof of status or have a valid F-1 Visa.

     In addition to the procedures defined above, non-citizens who are permanent residents must:

    1. Apply for admission and submit proof of status to the Student Assessment Services (Testing Center).

     In addition to the procedures defined above, non-citizens who have F-1 Visas must:

    1. Apply for admission him/herself  in person or through delivery by the US Postal System, or by independent courier (e.g., UPS, Federal Express, DHL, etc.) from the applicant's current address, without third-party intervention. Sponsors, relatives, friends, etc., cannot complete and/or submit the application on the student's behalf. 
    2. Apply for admission as a degree-seeking students using the special  Application for F-1 Students  with appropriate documentation.
    3. If the applicant’s native language is other than US English, he/she arrange for English proficiency testing through the college's Student Assessment Services (Testing Center). 
    4. The deadlines for submitting your application and supporting documentation are:

      Applying From:

      Outside USA Within  USA
      Fall application deadline May 1 June 15
      Fall supporting document deadline June 15 July 15
      Spring application deadline October 1 December 1
      Spring supporting document deadline November 15

      December 15

    5.  Please note that applications for Summer and Intersession admission are NOT accepted.  
    6. Students on an F-1 Visa will receive a Letter of Admission (Form I-20) that specifies the date by the student must be tested. It is essential for the student to meet this deadline as noncompliance is grounds to be denied admission.
    7. Please note that F-1 students who wish to pay tuition and fees money directly to the college from an overseas financial institution are limited to a per semester amount of $4,300. Checks greater than this amount this will not be accepted. Refunds due will be issued in accordance with standard college policy.