College Governance

  • Unifying Statement on Governance

    Governance is the process of establishing policies, procedures, regulations, and practices of institution-wide significance. The citizens within the college community acknowledge the following:

    1. The system of governance at Prince George's Community College is one of a collaborative nature grounded in integrity, transparency, and respect.
    2. There are myriad bodies that are involved in the governance system and have distinct roles as identified in the Governance Chart.
    3. Of the various bodies within the governance system, the primary body for institutional issues is the College-wide Forum of Prince George 's Community College.
    4. The College-wide Forum of Prince George's Community College is a deliberative and broadly representative body which exists to recommend general policies and procedures to the President. Recognizing that the Board of Trustees and the President retain the ultimate responsibility for policy-making decisions, the College-wide Forum shall consider the activities of the College in all of its phases, with particular attention to the educational objectives of the College and those matters that affect the common interests of employees and students. It is authorized to initiate policy proposals as well as to express its judgment on those submitted to it by the administrative officers of the College and its various divisions. It is also empowered to refer issues and/or request a response on issues, concerns, proposals, or topics from other organizations and/or bodies within the College.

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