Satisfactory Academic Progress

  • Minimum Standards for All Students

    Students who are receiving federal student financial aid are required to maintain satisfactory academic progress (SAP) in their program of study. To maintain SAP students must meet all three of the following standards:
    1. Maintain a cumulative grade point average (GPA) as follows:
      Total Credits Attempted  Minimum Cumulative GPA 
      1 to 18 1.50
      19 to 31 1.75
      32 to 44 1.85
      45 or above 2.00

    2. Complete two-thirds (67 %) of all cumulative attempted credits with grades of A, B, C, D or P.
      NOTE: Attempted credits include credits for withdrawn, repeated, transfer, audited, failed, incomplete courses, developmental, and all courses taken at PGCC regardless of year taken.
    3. Complete their program of study within 150% of the published time frame.
     For example, if your program of study requires 60 credits in order to earn your degree, your maximum time frame is 90 attempted credits. Once you have attempted 90 credits, you will no longer be eligible to receive financial aid. See number 2 above to determine what counts as attempted credits.

    1. SAP will be evaluated for all students at the conclusion of the spring semester with the exception of the Police Academy. 
    2. Sudents who do not meet the standards described above will be placed on Financial Aid suspension. Students who are suspended for financial aid eligibility due to SAP issues may follow the SAP appeal process to request reconsideration.
    Other Standards  
    1. Financial aid can only be received for a maximum of one year of developmental courses, (30 load hours). Developmental course grades are not considered in calculating students’ cumulative GPA’s. 
    2. ESL credit courses are considered in determining students’ cumulative GPA, completion rate and program completion percentage. 
    3. Police Academy financial aid recipients must maintain continuous enrollment in each term to remain eligible for financial aid. Continued eligibility will be based on the number of clock hours completed.
    Appeal Process

    Students must meet with an academic advisor to complete an academic plan. The completed academic plan, along with a written appeal is to be submitted the Financial Aid Appeals Committee. The appeal must include a detailed explanation of the circumstances which led to the poor academic performance or additional time needed to complete your degree. It is recommended that students appealing suspension carefully review their academic transcript to ensure that the overall performance is explained in the written appeal. All appeals must include:
    1. a copy of the completed academic plan
    2. an explanation of why the student failed to meet SAP accompanied by documentation
    3. what has changed that will allow the student to make SAP at the next evaluation period
    Once both the written appeal and the academic plan are submitted to the Office of Student Financial Aid, the appeals process begins.

    Approved Appeal
    Students whose appeals are successful will be placed on probation and must adhere to the terms of their academic plan.
    The Office of Financial Aid will monitor progress.
    Students must alert the academic advisor if he or she feels that they cannot meet the terms of the
    academic plan as outlined.

    Financial Aid Suspension
    Students whose appeals are denied will remain on financial aid suspension. Students who are on
    financial aid suspension are not eligible to receive federal student financial aid, however are allowed to continue attending PGCC at their own expense.

    Reestablishing Eligibility
    Reinstatement of aid eligibility after a financial aid suspension is not automatic when students improve
    their GPA or completion rate. However, students who improve to the point of making SAP at any point before the stated end of the academic plan will again be eligible.
    Appeals must be received by July 1.