Withdrawal, Refund and Return to Title IV Policies

  • Withdrawal from Classes
    Students who wish to end their enrollment in any class must officially “drop” or withdraw from it to avoid a failing grade. Students who wish to drop only part of their semester course load can withdraw through Owl Link or they can complete a “Drop/Add Form,” available at the Office of Admissions and Records, Bladen Hall, Room 126, or at any degree center. Those who wish to drop all classes for which they currently are enrolled must complete a “Semester Withdrawal Form,” available from the same locations. This can be done through Owl Link. Students who are unable to come to the campus may mail or fax to the Office of Admissions and Records a written request to be dropped from one or more classes, provided the courses to be dropped are clearly indicated and the request is received on or before the withdrawal deadline published in the official calendar for that semester. Failure to officially withdraw may result in a grade of “Q” or “F.” All written requests for course or semester withdrawals must include the student’s signature.

    Financial Aid Refund Policy
    Federal regulations require that when students withdraw from the college or stop attending classes during a payment period (such as a semester) that the amount of the federal student financial assistance received be adjusted to the amount that has been “earned” up to the point the student withdraws or stops attending classes. The amount of assistance earned is determined based on the portion of the payment period that the student completed. For example, if a student withdraws from the college after attending 30 percent of the semester, they have “earned” 30 percent of their financial aid. If the student has received less than the aid “earned”, the funds are released; if the student has received more than the aid “earned”, the excess funds must be returned. Once the student has completed 60 percent or more of the payment period, they have “earned” all of the assistance awarded.

    If the student must return funds, the funds are returned to the financial aid programs the student received them from. Funds are returned in the following order: Federal Stafford, PLUS Loan Program, Federal Pell Grants, Federal SEOG awards and other Title IV student assistance.

    Over awards
    Students may not receive more federal student financial assistance than they “need.” Students who receive federal financial aid awards in excess of their financial need will have their assistance adjusted or reduced until they are no longer receiving an overaward. The student is responsible for repayment to the college of the over¬awarded amount. Students should also be aware that they cannot receive federal financial aid at two institutions which they may be simultaneously attending during the same semester.