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Completion Pledge

  •  Call to Action for Students
    • We believe that completion matters and that every student counts.
    • We believe in our potential and responsibility to succeed, and that an engaged student is more likely
      to complete community college.
    • We believe that Prince George’s Community College serves as an essential gateway to intellectual progress
      and economic prosperity for more than 40,000 students.
    • We commit to planning for college completion.
    • We commit to discussing career-planning with college instructors and staff.
    • We commit to seeking advisement on course selection to ensure timely college completion.
    • We commit to learning about and using college support networks and resources aiding college completion.
    • We commit to serving as role models by attending classes, being prepared, participating in and engaging in discussions with instructors and students inside and outside of class.
    • We commit to reaching out to students in need by encouraging, nurturing, and guiding them toward college completion.
    • We commit to helping at least one other student succeed.
    • We ask our college to adopt a change in institutional culture, from emphasis on access only to emphasis on access
      and success.
    • We ask our college to engage in courageous conversations and openness regarding diversity, equity, and evidence
      reflecting student success and institutional performance.
    • We ask our college, while increasing success rates for all students, to work toward eliminating the attainment gaps
      that separate student groups on the basis of race, ethnicity and family income.
    • We ask our college to act on facts to make positive changes in the interest of student success
      and community college completion.
    • We ask our college to encourage, recognize, and promote faculty and staff who create meaningful ways of supporting
      students in scholarly endeavors, social engagement, and career planning efforts.
    • We ask every community college president, trustee, administrator, faculty member, counselor, advisor, financial aid
      officer, staff member, and stakeholder to examine their current practices, to identify and implement ways to help
      students understand the added value of degrees and certifications, and to help them progress toward their goals.
    • We ask every community college student, student organization, faculty member, staff member, trustee, administrator,and community college stakeholder to join us by signing and sharing this commitment and call to action.

    Download and sign the completion pledge and return it to College Life Services to receive your Envision Success t-shirt.