CPA Preparation Certificate

  • PGCC OPEID: 002089
    Program Code: ACCT.CPA.CT
    Program Level: Certificate 
    Program CIP Code: 52.0399
    CIP Program Description: CPA Preparation Certificate



    CPA Preparation

    Program Code: ACCT.CPA.CT 
    Applicants for the CPA Examination must have satisfactorily completed 150 semester hours including the attainment of a bachelor’s degree in any discipline. Included within their 150 hours of college credits, students must have 57 specific credits of accounting and business courses. The CPA Preparation Certificate is designed to support students with bachelor’s degrees in any non-accounting area in obtaining the accounting and business courses approved and required by the Maryland State Board of Public Accountancy so that they can sit for the CPA Examination in the state of Mary-land. The following Prince George’s Community College courses have been specifically approved by the Maryland State Board of Public Accountan-cy. Any substitution of courses transferred from other institutions is subject to the approval of the Maryland Board of Public Accountancy. CPA can-didates are advised to periodically check with the Maryland State Board of Public Accountancy for any updates or changes to the exam requirements (410-230-6258).
    Program Concentration: Accounting 

    27 Credits 

    Financial Accounting (ACC 1010, 1020 and 2010)
       All three courses must be taken to satisfy the Board requirement.


    Auditing (ACC 2040)


    Cost Accounting (ACC 2030)


    Federal Income Tax (ACC 2210)


    Other Accounting Courses
       Choose 9 credits from the following:
    ACC 1030, ACC 1040, ACC 1050, ACC 2020, ACC 2070,
    ACC 2080, ACC 2220


    Program Concentration: Business 

    30 Credits 

    Statistics (MAT 1140)


    Economics (ECN 1030 and ECN 1040)


    Corporate or Business Finance (ACC 2250)


    Management (BMT 1600)


    U.S. Business Law (BUS 1220 or BUS 1240)


    Marketing (BMK 2510)


    Oral Communication (SPH 1010)


    Written Communication (EGL 1320 or 1340)


    Business Ethics (PHL 1400)


    Total Required for Certificate 

    57 Credits 



    Expected Time to and Cost of Certificate

    Credits: 57
    Semesters: 5
    Time: 24 Months (Summer Required)
    Total Cost: $9,728
    • Tuition and Fees: $7,638
    • Books and Supplies: $2090
    The expected time to degree is based upon the student being enrolled in 12 credit hours each semester. Summer enrollment is included. The expected cost is based on in-county tuition rates and no developmental course work.

    Student Completion and Debt Information

    Number of students completing the program
    between 7/1/2011 and 6/30/2012:  0

    Number of students from above who completed the
    program within the expected time: 0

    Number completing with any student loan debt: 0
    On-time completion is determined by the time period in which a student is enrolled in the program as indicated by their choice of major. Students graduating in a related degree and certificate program are not included in this calculation for total graduates or on-time graduates.

    Median Loan Debt: 0*
    • Federal Student Loan Debt: 0*
    • Private Loan Debt: 0*
    • Institutional Financing Debt Plan: 0*
    Loan debt is only calculated for students during the time that they were enrolled in this particular program. If there are less than 10 completers, individually identifiable information will be marked with a *.

    Job Placement 

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