Academic Calendar


    The SPRING 2014 Academic Calendar and SPRING 2014 Final Exam Schedule have been adjusted to minimize the number of classes missed due to recent weather-related college closings.

    Additionally, dates have been revised and highlighted below.

    Academic Calendar, Spring Semester, 2014 

    Oct. 28 Monday Registration for Intersession, 2014 begins
    Dec. 2 - 8 Monday - Sunday Advance Registration week for Spring 2014 semester for current students (Online only, Dec. 7-8)
    Dec. 9     Monday Registration for Spring 2014 opens for all students
    Dec. 16 Monday Registration ends for Intersession classes.  In-person registration closes for spring, 2014 (Resumes Thursday, Jan. 2) 
    Dec. 19 - Jan. 1 Thursday-Wednesday  College Closed:  Winter Break
    Jan. 2     Thursday College re-opens; Registration for spring 2014 resumes.
    Jan. 6 - 17         Monday - Friday  Intersession class meeting period
    Jan. 11 Saturday Special Saturday registration, 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.
    Jan. 17 Friday Registration ends for full-semester spring classes 
    Jan 20 Monday   College Closed:  Martin Luther King, Jr. birthday observed
    Jan. 21 Tuesday Classes begin for spring, 2014, except  at Laurel College Center
    Jan. 25 Saturday     Classes begin at Laurel College Center
    Feb. 14 Friday     Last day to apply for spring graduation
    Feb. 14 Friday Last day to switch from "credit" to "audit" status or vice-versa for full semester classes
    Feb. 17 Monday

     College Closed: President's Day (except for Laurel College Center)  

    March 4 Tuesday Last day to withdraw from first half-semester classes
    March 19 Wednesday    

    Mid-term.  End of first half-semester classes

    March 20 Thursday Begin second half-semester classes
    April 14-20 Mon-Sun. College Closed: Spring Break, all campuses
    April 21     Monday College re-opens and classes resume
    April 21 Monday Begin open registration for Summer 2014 terms
    April 21  Monday Last day to withdraw from full semester classes
    Apr. 28 -  May 2 Monday - Friday Advance registration for fall 2014 semester for returning students (Online only, May 3 - 4)
    May 2    Friday Last day to withdraw from second half-semester classes
    May 5 Monday Begin open registration for fall 2014 semester
    May 9  Friday Last day of regular classes for spring 2014 semester
    May 10 - 16 Saturday- Friday Final examination period/last week of classes at all campuses
    May 22 Thursday Commencement
    May 24-26 Saturday - Monday College Closed: Memorial Day observed


    Academic Calendar Summer Semester 2014  

    April 21 Monday  Registration for all summer terms begins
    April 28 - May 4 Monday  - Sunday Advance registration week for fall 2014 semester for returning students (Online only May 3-4)
    May 5 Monday  Registration for fall 2014 opens to all students
    May 24 - 26   Saturday - Monday  COLLEGE CLOSED - Memorial Day observed
    May 28 Wednesday Registration ends at Laurel College Center for 10-week and first 5-week classes
    May 29 Thursday Summer classes begin at Laurel College Center
    May 30 Friday Registration ends for 10-week and first 5-week classes at all other campuses
    June 2 Monday Classes begin for 10-week and first 5-week classes 
    June 27 Friday Withdrawal deadline for first 5-week classes
    July 3 Thursday Last day of first 5-week classes
    July 3 Thursday  Registration ends for second 5-week classes
    July 4  Friday  COLLEGE CLOSED - Independence Day observed
     July 7 Monday  Second 5-week classes begin 
    July 14 Monday  Last day to apply for August graduation   
    July 25 Friday Withdrawal deadline for 10-week classes
    August 1 Friday Withdrawal deadline for second 5-week classes
    August 8 Friday Last day of 10-week and second 5-week classes
    August 23 Saturday Classes begin for fall 2014 semester