Academic Peer Assistance Program

  • O.W.L. Academic Peer Assistant Program


     1.  Must have a minimum cumulative 3.0 G.P.A
     2.  Successful completion of EGL 1000 and DVR 0060 or ESL 2020 and ESL 1060 and SPH 1000 
     3.  Must be awarded financial aid – eligible for the college work-study program.


    1. Applicant must attend all training sessions and meetings pertaining to the APA program.
    2. Must be available to work a minimum of 10 – 20 hours per week.
    3. Ability to communicate effectively in spoken and written standard English.
    4. Must have one faculty or current employer recommendation.

    Duties & Responsibilities:

    • Assists the new and current students with searching and registering for classes on Owl link.
    • Assists new students on how to create an OWL Link account.
    • Provides general information on academic programs of study to the students.
    • Assists the students in interpreting his/her program evaluation on Owl Link.
    • Provides general information on campus and student resources.
    • Attends all training sessions and meetings pertaining to the O.W.L. APA program.
    • Provides clerical support to the advising services staff.

    What is the O.W.L. Academic Peer Assistant Program?  

    The O.W.L. APAs are designed to provide new and returning students with peer assistance on general academic information and the registration process through Owl Link and MyPGCC student portal. By exposing new and returning students to the key services and opportunities available to them, we hope that the O.W.L APAs will enable students to make well informed choices and decisions.

    This program was created to provide additional academic support as well as help forge a bond between the student, the O.W.L. APA, and the academic advisor during peak registration. Opportunity, Wisdom and Leadership (O.W.L) is what this program strives to achieve with the Academic Peer Assistant (APA). 

    Can anybody be an Academic Peer Assistant (APA)? 

    YES – well almost. First and foremost, an O.W.L. APA candidate should be outgoing, friendly and possess strong communication and leadership skills. A candidate must have a GPA of 3.0 or above, a basic knowledge and interest in campus programs and services, and a positive view of Prince George’s Community College. Student must be receiving financial aid for the current semester. For additional questions about the program, you’re always welcome to stop and see us in Advising and Transfer Services (Bladen Hall – Room 124) any time Monday through Thursday - 8:30am until 8:00pm or Friday, 8:30am – 5:00pm.
    How will I know how to help my fellow students? 

    Don’t worry, you’ll be trained? You will learn communication skills, leadership skills, and experience sensitivity workshops.

    Once you’re accepted into the program, you’ll be asked to provide us with a copy of your class schedule. This is done so that we may place you into one of many training groups. We ensure that the training does not interfere with your classes.

    Students employed in these positions must be available to work all assigned advisement and transfer activities (dates will be provided) and attend training. The training program for all Peer Advisors is for one week - two hours a day – Monday thru Friday during the fall and spring semesters. O.W.L APAs are paid a competitive wage per hour.

    Sounds good, but what’s in it for me? 

    That’s a fair question. How do you like meeting new people and making new friends? Being an O.W.L. APA makes you very visible to the campus community, and that means you will meet many faculty and administrative members of our College. This, in turn, will help you develop or enhance social and communication skills needed for future endeavors.

    If you come to see us in Advising and Transfer Services (B-124), we’ll be happy to tell you about all the other benefits of being an O.W.L. APA.

    Where are Advising and Transfer Services, and who is there?
    Transfer and Advising Services are located in Bladen Hall (B-124). Academic advisors are available to help students with program requirements, educational options, test interpretation, course placement, transfer information and preliminary educational planning. If you are a new student, you are welcome to visit with an academic advisor to discuss the steps to enroll, available majors, and program requirements.

    advisors are also available to help you with:

    • Educational concerns
    • Registering for classes
    • Declaring or changing your major
    • Changing your class schedule 
    • Balancing your work and class schedule 
    • Unofficial review of graduation requirements 
    • Class withdrawal 
    • Choosing appropriate mode of course instruction 
    • Understanding academic policies and procedures  

    O.W.L. APA Information Sessions 

            Please e-mail Candice Caldwell at

    Deadline to Apply

            Please e-mail Candice Caldwell at