Frequently Asked Questions

  • Steps for the SAP Appeal Process   

    1) Watch the SAP Advising Video   

    2) Take the SAP Advising Quiz  

    • After completing the test, your test result score must be 100% or better.    
    • Please print out a copy of your results or screenshot your results by using a phone or tablet.    
    • Bring your results to the SAP advising session.                                                                                                                                                     
    • Make an appointment to speak with an advisor.
    Please use the following steps to make an appointment.                      
    1. Go to the PGCC website: and click on the MyPGCC link.    
    2. Login to your account (if you do not remember your ID and password, please contact the help desk at (301) 546-0637 / Bladen Hall, Room 106 / email:    
    3. Click on the My Appointment icon     
    4. Click on the Service Tab at the top of screen.    
    5. Find Academic Advising at Largo or Retention Services at Largo and Click on Schedule Appointment.
    6. View the calendar at the top left side of your screen. Click on the day in November that you are available to schedule your S.A.P. appointment.
    7. Once you select your desired day, the screen will show the available time slots for appointments. Choose a time and click on the Sign Up link.
    8. On the next screen, choose S.A.P. for Reason. Click Next.
    9. The next screen will review what you selected and include who you are meeting with and location of appointment.
    10. To confirm the appointment, click on Schedule button. A confirmation will be sent to your PGCC student email.  

    3) Complete the SAP Appeal Form 


     4) Print out your unofficial transcript.      

         Under the heading - My Transcript   

    1. Select Unofficial Transcript    
    2. Transcript Type: UG - Undergraduate
    3. Click on the Submit button 
    4. Print the document    

     5) Print out your academic program evaluation   

          Under the heading - My Credit Academic Records  

    1. Select Academic Program Evaluation    
    2. Click on the box next to your program of study     
    3. Click on the submit button    
    4. Print the document.    

     6) A typed letter of explanation.    

    The letter should provide an explanation as to why you failed to meet SAP accompanied and what has changed that will allow you to make SAP at the next evaluation period is required.    

     7) Provide documentation to support your letter of explanation.   

    If there are circumstances around your SAP appeal that can be supported with documentation, it is strongly encouraged that you bring it to your SAP advising session.