Continuing Education

  • Workforce Development

    Helping you do business better....

    Dynamic new techniques, ideas, and methods are critical to keeping business competitive in today’s marketplace…

    Accelerate business. Advance careers. Develop the workforce.

    As a business, you already have a workforce in which you’ve invested time and money. Are they still on the cutting edge? Do they know the latest technological advances? Do they have the leadership and business skills to help your organization grow?

    As an individual in today’s aggressive job market, you need the skills that will make you stand out in the crowd. Do you have the technical, scientific, and industrial expertise needed in today’s high-tech world? Are you the “innovator” critical to advancing your employer into next generation technologies?

    With an operational goal “to help business do better,” PGCC has focused its objectives on delivering diversity to its clients: Diversity of services… diversity of delivery methods… and diversity of programs. With the breadth and depth of occupational knowledge critical to building and supporting the workplace in Prince George’s County and Maryland, PGCC welcomes you as a partner in life-long learning.

    Benefit your business by:

    Benefit your career by:

    • Lowering in-house training costs
    • Reducing workforce turnover
    • Increasing employee productivity
    • Elevating market competitiveness
    • Training you to excel in a specific career
    • Enhancing your credentials
    • Increasing your marketable skills
    • Delivering continuing education

    To see the list of noncredit offerings available, click this link to Workforce Development Programs.