High School Students

  • Current High School/Home School Students   

    Students who are still in high school or involved in their home school program are sometimes eligible to take college courses as follows:

    Concurrent Enrollment—16 or Older  

    The Concurrent Enrollment Program is for those 16 or older who wish to take courses from the college while still enrolled in high school or an approved home school program. Students must be high school seniors or, if in an approved home school program, provide documentation of the completion of junior-level work. High school juniors may be eligible for participation provided they are 16 years of age and have completed all high school coursework in a particular field with a 2.50 cumulative grade-point average and a 3.00 in the field in question.

    In addition, each student must:

    1. Have a cumulative grade-point average of 2.50 or the equivalent.
    2. Be certified by the school principal or equivalent authority as approved for participation.
    3. Apply for admission and identify themselves as concurrent enrollment students under Program of Study.
    4. Pay the nonrefundable $25.00 application fee.
    5. Take relevant college placement tests, achieving college-level placement scores, prior to registration.
    6. Take no more than two courses each semester.
    7. Abide by all college policies, procedures and regulations while on campus or in the classroom.
    8. Upon receipt of an e-mail from the college regarding Owl Link, the college’s Web-based computer system, sign in to Owl Link and become familiar with the services accessible through this system. The e-mail will contain full instructions.

    Dual Enrollment

    The Dual Enrollment program is designed for eligible students enrolled in a public high school to earn college credits here at Prince George's Community College that may also count as credit on the high school transcript. This could include credits that satisfy high school graduation requirements. 

     Early Admission

    The Early Admission Program is for Prince George’s County high school students who wish to complete their high school graduation requirements by attending the college as full-time students during their senior year. Since students must first meet all high school requirements for participation in this program, each student should contact a high school counselor to determine his or her eligibility before contacting the college. Call the Admissions and Records Office, 301-322-0802, for more information regarding the entrance requirements for this program. If admitted, students must identify themselves as Early Admission under Program of Study. The application deadline for early admission consideration is June 30.

     Underage Students—Talented and Gifted Program

     The Talented and Gifted program (TAG) is for students under 16 years of age who do not yet have a high school diploma or GED and who cannot meet the grade-level or age requirements for concurrent enrollment. Such students must meet one or more of the following criteria:

    1.  Identification by the student’s public school Board of Education or private school governing board as talented and gifted according to their published criteria.
    2.  Completion of at least the seventh grade and a standardized test score of 1200 on the SAT (with no less than 500 in either the verbal or math portion) or 22 on the ACT. Designation as a PSAT/NMSQT finalist or semifinalist also will suffice.
    3. Admission to a recognized TAG program in the state of Maryland or identification by local professionally qualified individuals or entities as having outstanding abilities in a particular field that would qualify them for advanced study in that area. The college reserves the right to determine whether or not it will recognize a program or professional entity as meeting this criterion prior to accepting the recommendation.
    4.  Students who are home schooled may, in lieu of the first two criteria listed, be assessed by a psychometrist or other professional qualified to administer and interpret the results of one of the following tests: Comprehensive Test of Basic Skills, Test of Cognitive Skills, or WISC-III. The student must score in the 95th percentile or higher by age.

     In addition to the preceding, any student who wishes to enroll under this program must:

    1. Submit the application for admission indicating the TAG program in Program of Study.
    2. Pay the nonrefundable $25.00 application fee.
    3. Take the college’s placement test battery and achieve scores indicative of readiness for college-level work in all three areas—reading, English and mathematics.
    4. Attend an interview with the director of Admissions and Records to review program requirements. One or both parents also must be present.
    5.  Enroll in no more than two daytime courses per semester with continuance dependent upon satisfactory performance in all previous semesters.

    For necessary forms and more information on this special admission program, contact the Admissions and Records Office, 301-322-0801.