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Apply for Scholarships Online


 Apply for Scholarships Online

For more info, go to  http://www.pgcc.edu/go/scholarship




 The Deadline is July 25, 2014! 

Institutional scholarships at Prince George's Community College are established through generous contributions from businesses, foundations, civic organizations, and individuals.  Institutional scholarships can pay for tuition, fees and books. Scholarship criteria differs and may or may not include financial need, academic merit, major, special skills or talent, community service and more.  You must complete the Online Scholarship Application to be considered for these awards.

Last year Prince George's Community College awarded over $400,000 in scholarships to students. This year, one of the scholarship recipients could be you! The key to getting a scholarship is: Apply!

View the Fall 2014 Scholarship Listing

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Scholarship Applicant Reminders  

Please read this section carefully before proceeding with the scholarship application process.

  1. Be aware of all scholarship restrictions/criteria.
  2. Scholarships will be awarded over two semesters (fall and spring) unless otherwise stated.
  3. Utilize the Prince George's Community College Writing Center to help prepare your scholarship essay.
  4. Recommendation letters will be waived THIS YEAR ONLY!
  5. International students needing additional assistance with the scholarship, please contact the International Education Center at 301-546-0750.

If Awarded A Scholarship…

Prince George's Community College scholarships are made possible through the generosity of donations from several individuals and organizations. Therefore each recipient must produce a "thank you" letter to their respective donor. Funds will not be made available until this important step has been completed. Failure to comply may render the applicant ineligible to receive scholarship awards for the current semester.  Recipients may also be asked to attend a donor appreciation event.

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