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    You must have a Long Term Badge to enter the base to get to your classroom. Refer to the Base Access Procedures of this site. Also, FAQ section discusses base access. Call the Joint Base Andrews office of Prince George’s Community College at 301-981-5949 or 301-546-0778 if you have questions. If you already have a military ID, you may use it to enter the base and do not need to get a Long Term Badge.

    This process also applies if you are teaching a late starting class. Call us several days in advance of your class start time. Follow the same procedure as mentioned above to get your Long Term Badge.

    If you cannot get to the campus on the dates mentioned in the base access procedures, a college staff person will be at the Visitor Center during the first week of classes from 4:15- 5:30 p.m. If you are teaching a weekender or late starting class, a staff member will be at the Visitor Center 4:15-5:30 p.m. the day of the first meeting of your class.

    Look on our website for Joint Base Andrews Frequently Asked Questions relating to base pass process, maps, and directions.


    Office Hours  ** New office hours beginning January 02, 2013

    Prince George's Community College office location is 1413 Arkansas Road. 

    Office hours are 10:00 a.m. - 6:30 p.m. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.  11:00 a.m. - 6:30 p.m. Wednesdays

    Fridays, the office opens at 11:00 a.m. and closes at 4:00 p.m. unless a weekender class is beginning.

    During a weekend class's first evening meeting, staff is available 11:00 a.m.- 4 p.m.on the first Friday face-to-face class meeting day only.

    The office is NOT open Saturdays.

    Classroom assignments are not complete until the week before classes begin. We try to honor special room requests, but take into account class size and many other factors when assigning rooms.


    Parking is free

    Inclement Weather Policy 

    The Andrews Degree Center follows the main campus for cancellation of classes due to weather or other emergencies. Please listen to one of the following radio stations: WMAL, WPGC, WTOP, WAMU, WASH, WHUR. The following TV stations also announce closings: WRC (4), WTTG (5), WJLA (7), WUSA (9) and Channel 8.  Or sign up for Owl Alert (The college will send a text message to your phone indicating closings)

    Children and Guests in the Classroom

    Children are not permitted in any classrooms or labs. This is at the direction of the Base Education Office and is strictly enforced.

    Guest speakers must go through the base access process and speak with the Program Director. Please plan well in advance.


    Our copier collates and staples for up to 40 copies.

    Ask staff to give you your departmental copier code. It is not the campus copier code.

    Please arrange for reproductions of large quantities through your department on the Largo campus.

    The office copier is NOT for student use.

    Inter-office Mail (Pony) 

    Incoming and outgoing mail from/to campus is every Tuesday and Thursday typically between 1-3 p.m. 

    Anything that arrives for you from campus or information from the Joint Base Andrews Program Director is put in the mailbox here and brought to your classroom by the Night Monitor prior to class start.

    Night Monitor/Aide

    The Night Monitor, contracted by the base education office, brings your requested AV equipment and mail to your classroom, makes sure your room is set up and performs other custodial duties.

    The monitor is in room 102 in 1413 during class hours and can also be reached by phone: 202-486-0864.

    Audio -Visual Equipment

    All classrooms in the 1413 Arkansas Rd building have Internet and MS Office Suite (Word and Power Point) on an instructor computer.  These computers are connected to Smart Boards for large displays for students to see. All classrooms have Smart boards with built in projectors.

    Flat screen TVs with remote/DVD capability are available in almost all the classrooms. Please insure your videos are on DVD. Storage space dictates keeping only 1 TV/VCR per building, so it is first come, first served.

    Call at least a day in advance (301-546-0778/0779) to reserve portable AV equipment. You may reserve equipment for the entire semester at one time. Equipment available: one TV/VCR, 2-3 overhead projectors (for acetate sheets).  

    DO NOT WRITE ON THE Smartboards with dry erase markers! Special pens are provided and an instructional binder is in each room.  The Smart Boards are also touch sensitive so you may make choices by touching the board directly in addition to using the mouse.  Ask for assistance from the P.G.C.C. computer lab technician (located in room 111 in building 1413).

    Computer Lab

    The open lab, room 113 in 1413, is open M-Th 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. for you and your students to use. For more information please call our office.

    Please read through your e-mail before class, particularly if there is a memo from the Program Director, since it could be timely information to be conveyed to your class. Often it is base information that may be critical to know before the next class meeting.

    Library Facilities

    Access to college library resources is through the computers in the college's computer lab next to our administrative office.

    The college library's online databases are available to students in our open computer lab.  Remote Access Guides are available as well as multiple reference guides in several academic areas provided to us by the campus library.

    The college has formed a partnership with the Prince George's County Memorial Library System to ensure that students can access the resources and support they need for research projects.

    The campus librarian is the primary contact for instructors regarding off campus library services at 301-546-0471.

    The Joint Base Andrews library is available to military and civilians.


    Faculty Information Cards

    Every semester, fill out a brief information card. You can check on the card whether or not you want this information given out to your students. Students often call here looking for our faculty. We want to help, but we need to know from you how you want us to assist them. If you do not provide us with your contact information, we will refer your student to your department on campus. 

    Bring the faculty information card to room 111 at 1413 Arkansas Road. It takes only a minute! Sometimes we cannot arrange a class evaluation because we have no way to reach you. Slip the info card under the door if we are closed and we’ll get it in the morning.

    It is wise in these post-9/11 times for our office to keep your contact information in case of an emergency.

    Class Meeting Times

    Please observe published class hours. 

    Use the "Class Meeting in Other Than Assigned Classroom" form (available in our office) to notify us if your class will be canceled, moved to a different site, or if you will not be able to have your class meeting during the regular time.

    The Program Director notifies your department if you do not show up for class.

    Final exams are to be given during the last scheduled class meeting. Extension Centers do not follow the exam schedule published in the schedule of classes.

    Audio-Visual Requests

    If you have ordered films from Media Services, please return them to our office, room 111, or you may tell us you need them picked up at the end of the night and the Night Monitor will pick them up and bring them to our office for safe keeping. We send them to campus through the interoffice mail system.

    Do not leave things in the classrooms unless you have notified us to have the Night Monitor pick them up. Military groups use the classrooms during the day, so take with you all your belongings at the end of the class session.

    Classroom Maintenance-The items listed may seem trivial. However, permission to use military classroom space may be rescinded if we do not comply:

    The Night Monitor will make sure each classroom is orderly at the beginning of class. Please leave the room in an orderly way at the end of the evening.

    Erase your boards at the end of class.

    No eating or drinking in the classroom.  Eating and drinking may be done during class breaks in the foyer or outside in nice weather.

    Building 1413 has snack machines.

    The Night Monitor is responsible for washing the dry erase boards and clearing trash.

    We will provide dry erase pens and erasers. Please notify us if you need anything.

    Smoking is NOT permitted in any of the buildings.  Use designated areas outside. Use butt cans provided.

    We do not have custodial services each night like the main campus. We ask that rooms be usable for classes the following morning by the military.

    Joint Base Andrews Center Staff At Your Service
    Mr. Mark Drummeter, Interim Program Director 
    Ms. Catherine Dove, Office Associate III (part time a.m.)  
    Ms. Clare Treichel, Advisor (part time)
    Ms. Dorothy Campbell, Advisor (part time)
    Ms. Gabrielle Pridgen , Lab Technician (part time eves M-Th only)