• Robert I. Bickford Natatorium

    Group and Team Rental Rates 





     Main Pool
    (capacity 250 bathers)

    $200.00 hr. staff 

    $300.00 hr. staff 

    Weight Room - Team Rate 

    $20.00 1/2 hr. 


    Hot Tub (capacity 16 bathers) 

    $50.00 hr. 

    $100.00 hr. 

    Training Pool (capacity 50 bathers) 

    $60.00 hr. guards 

    $120.00 hr. guards 

    Main Pool – Moveable Floor Area 

    $90.00 hr. 

    $180.00 hr. 

    Deep Well 

    $90.00 hr. 

    $180.00 hr. 

     Diving Board (1 meter)
    Rental of two boards will be considered as deep well rental

    $15.00 hr. 

    $20.00 hr. 

    Lane Rentals 

    $15.00 hr. / lane 


    MNCPPC Camp/Playgrounds 

    $2.00 per child, staff no charge 


    Day Camps, Church Groups, Scouts 

     $4.00 per child,
    $5.00 per staff

     $5.00 per child,
    $6.00 per staff

    Swim Meet 

    $200.00 hr. 


    Setup/breakdown Swim Meet 



     50 Meter Swim Practice
    Staff Charges Additional

    $200.00 hr. 





    Staff Charges 

    Weekdays & Saturdays 

    Sunday & Holidays 

    Facility Manager 

    $28.50 hr. 

    $37.00 hr. 

    Campus Police 

    $28.50 hr. 

    $37.00 hr. 


    $15.00 hr. 

    $18.00 hr. 

    Desk Attendant 

    $15.00 hr. 

    $18.00 hr. 

    Locker Room Attendant 

    $15.00 hr. 

    $18.00 hr.

     The application and payment for use of the facilities must be received at least ten (10) business days prior to the event. Cancellation of the event must be within 48 hours of the event, failure to do so may result in denial of further requests for use of the facility and the levy of any resulting fees or service charges.

    The priority assignment of all space will be (1) credit/noncredit courses, (2) campus/MNCPPC groups, (3) state and local government, (4) charitable, civic, individual, and non-profit, and (5) other including religious, political and profit groups.