Student Conduct & Community Standards

  • Mission:

    To assist in maintaining a civil campus environment through the use of proactive, creative and timely student development strategies and disciplinary action for the purpose of valuing the lifelong learning of our students.

    Code of Conduct:

    The Prince George's Community College Code of Conduct, adopted by the Board of Trustees, defines the rights and responsibilities of students and establishes a system of procedures for dealing with students charged with violations of the code and other rules and regulations of the college. A copy of the Prince George's Community College Code of Conduct can be found here, in the Policies and Regulations section (Chapter 5) of the Student Handbook.

    Definition of Disruptive Behavior:

    • Behavior that persistently or grossly interferes with academic and administrative activities at the college
    • Hampers the ability of the other students to learn and and professors/instructors to teach
    • Extreme forms of the behavior may even threaten the physical safety of students and staff

    How to Report a Violation of the Prince George's Community College Code of Conduct:

    To report a violation of the Code of Conduct, please complete an Incident Report Form here. Your report will enter a secure data base. Information relative to the Code of Conduct violation will be reviewed by the Program Coordinator for Student Conduct & Community Standards and handled confidentially. Student conduct violations are handled in accordance with the procedures outlined in The Prince George's Community College Code of Conduct. 


  • Mr. Marcus A. Winder
    Program Coordinator,
    Student Conduct and Community Standards


    Largo Student Center 241



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