A Life Transformed: Meet PGCC Grad, Amy Duley

Article by: Jennifer Colter

The words of a new, PGCC graduate:

Having grown up solely with strong, rugged male mentors I thought that nothing would change when I came to Prince George’s Community College.  Instead, I found two amazing women who are endlessly dedicated to helping their students succeed in school and in life.  Professor Hanson and Ms. Laura Harver have both been invaluable mentors to me who I would not have found if not for Women of Wisdom.  

I met Professor Hanson after applying for the Psychology, Sociology, and Education Collegian Center (something I would not have done had Ms. Harver not pushed me to become more involved in campus activities).  Through the recent sickness and passing of my uncle, in addition to other personal trials, her door has always been open and she is always willing to listen, offer advice, and give her input on whatever new ideas I may bring to her.  However, my discovery of brilliant peers and role models did not end there.  As I began to attend the Women of Wisdom meetings regularly, I met more and more exceptional women that exemplify the passion and drive that all of the program’s participants strive to achieve. 

WOW is a community of diverse ladies with various backgrounds and interests.  More importantly, these women welcome you openly without judgment and create a place for you to discuss anything and everything without discrimination.  I believe this is due to the exemplary leadership the program has had, and the fact that Ms. Harver’s door is always open and ready for conversation!  From my own struggle to be more social to dealing with the stresses of my classes, she is always unrelenting in stirring up a discussion.  If you are looking for a powerful, inspiring, and dedicated woman to help you grow and expand your confidence and opportunities, that is Ms. Harver. 

Over the Spring 2014 semester, I have been preparing to transfer to University of Maryland, College Park to major in Animal Biotechnology.  Ms. Harver has been extremely helpful, especially in helping me network, to pursue my dream of working for the United States Department of Agriculture.  She has also been exceedingly helpful in keeping me motivated as I begin my transition from community college to university.  So far it has been taxing to say the least, but it is comforting knowing that there is always someone an email away that will open your eyes to the positives of your situation, whatever it may be.  Be grateful that you have someone like her just a few doors down from you on campus to keep you on track and committed to your development. 

I am distressed that I am leaving if only because I won’t get to see these ladies every week, but I know that they will continue to support me and my endeavors wherever they take me.  While they’re not soiled farmers or welders who toughened me up by teaching me to drive tractors or fix motorcycles, these graceful, sophisticated women are just as strong and just as remarkable as my granddad or my uncle, and taught me to be unyielding in the face of adversity while maintaining a professional and poised demeanor. 

I leave you with the words of a wise woman that has encouraged me to tirelessly improve my own abilities and attitude: Expand it.  Break it. 


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