Building Renovation in Line with Campus Rejuvenation

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Article by: Jennifer L. Colter

Prince George's Community College is more than an institution of higher learning, geographically situated in the midst of one of the country's busiest urban settings. PGCC is a hub for forward-thinking with an exhilarating culture for learning--a landmark in the county that is always at the forefront of innovative change.  Keeping in step with the fast-paced outlying community, the College is in the process of another significant change that is designed to improve its facilities services and overall campus safety in a monumental way.

The facilities management and campus police building is currently being renovated to address the needs of the institution and its growing population. As with all of the construction projects taking place at PGCC, Henry Dickson, the Director of Planning, Design and Construction for the College, along with the Dr. David Mosby, Chief Larry Walker and staff, are spearheading the major overhaul by bringing their extensive engineering, architecture and law enforcement expertise to the table. 

As part of the College construction project, the Facilities Management and Campus Police staff relocated to the 3rd floor of Lanham Hall in November 2014, while the Facilities Management/Campus Police building is renovated. With any project of this magnitude, the planning of this colossal undertaking was a process. The Dean of Facilities Management, Dr. David Mosby, and the Chief of Police, Larry Walker, first discussed the idea of renovating the Facilities Management/Campus Police building in FY 2000 and the building was originally placed on the State of Maryland capital planning calendar to begin design in FY 2004, and construction in FY 2005.  Due to limited State/County capital funding and the College’s higher priority for academic buildings and infrastructure improvements, however, the renovation was deferred.  Funding for the design was approved in FY 2012 and construction in FY 2014.  The College awarded a design contract in May 2012 to M. Arthur Gensler, Jr.  & Associates (a nationally known Architecture firm) and under the leadership of Henry L. Dickson, the Facilities Management Building was designed.  Construction was awarded in November 2014 to Towson Mechanical, inc. 

“The project will correct demonstrated space and facility issues by adding needed office, storage, meeting and campus police secure spaces as well as a campus police command center," said Dr. David Mosby, Dean of Facilities.  "The renovated Facilities Management/Campus Police building will allow both departments to expand and serve student and campus needs. In addition, the renovation will address ADA issues, asbestos and building facility problems attributed to an outdated building infrastructure.”

As the College community and passersby can see, the project is currently in construction, but is estimated to be completed by the Fall semester (during the 2015 calendar year).

In addition to functionality, the safety of PGCC's students and the large number of community members that utilize the campus was taken into consideration. The upgrades and additions are very progressive, and parallel the best safety and security-driven tools found at any top institution.  "The renovation will allow Campus Police to provide public safety and emergency management services to support a safe and secure learning environment," said Chief Larry Walker, Campus Police Department.

"This renovation will allow Facilities Management to better manage, construct, renovate, repair and maintain the college’s physical assets and resources in order to provide an environment conducive to learning," added Dr. David Mosby. In a nutshell, the following areas are the focal point of the renovations and will look dramatically different upon completion. Here's what the renovations will entail:

Command Center - The command center audio-visual system shall be used to monitor, communicate and gather information from around the campus by utilizing network IP camera systems, cable TV feeds, Over-Air feeds, computers and other sources.

Dispatch - In addition to a physical and visual connection between the rooms, there is an electronic display within the Dispatch Room. This room’s display will either mirror what is in the Command Center or can have the option of viewing different camera configurations.

Chief of Campus Police Office - A 46” professional display shall be mounted in the Chief of Police office for viewing the command center feeds along with a local computer showing camera locations, and the addition of a cable TV source. Cameras will be viewed and selected via. client software from this local computer.

Roll Call/Training Room - The Roll Call/Training room will be used for campus police roll call activities, presentations and overflow for the command center area.

Facilities Management Conference Room - The conference room system will be used for conferences, presentations, and meetings and will utilize a ceiling mounted projector and screen system for video and recessed ceiling speakers for program audio.

To learn more about the Facilities Management and Campus Police Building Renovation project, or to obtain a complete report of the renovations taking place in the facilities management and campus police buildings, you may contact Henry Dickson at

Note: All Facilities Management Shops (Electrical, Carpentry, HVAC and Plumbing, Grounds and Automotive) will NOT relocate to Lanham Hall.  All shops will stay operational in place while the Facilities Management/Campus Police building is under renovation.


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