Going back to Cali: Nia Hutchinson invited to Debbie Allen Dance Camp

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Article by: Jennifer L. Colter

It takes a village to create a great community. Here at Prince George's Community College, no one knows that sentiment better than us. Our diverse faculty, staff and student body comprises dynamic men and women from all over the globe who possess special gifts and talents that run the gamut. Academically, PGCC is well known for its model curricula and programs and enterprising students; but the College is also leading the way in the Arts, and inspiring youngsters to seasoned adults with an appreciation for the aesthetic. Prince George's Community College is a beacon in the county for creating stars from all walks of life.

Today, we're proud to share that student Nia Hutchinson has been invited to attend the elite Debbie Allen Dance Training Camp in sunny California this summer; an experience that will change Nia's life. This is the true story of a student with a gift and a dream...Envisioning Success!

Nia hails from Temple Hills, Maryland and is majoring in Physical Therapy.  She is a member of Fire-N-Motion, the College's dance team founded in 2013. She has been dancing for 15 years and plans to create a career out of her passion.  After graduating, Nia would like couple her gift for dance with the skills she has gained from Prince George's Community College through her major to perform, choreograph, and also assist individuals in the field of physical therapy through dance rehabilitation. After her experience with the Debbie Allen Dance Training Camp, Nia will be well on her way to realizing her dream.

Congratulations, Nia...PGCC is proud of you!

Fire-N-Motion is the college's dance team founded in the fall of 2013 and was originally an all female team; however, that quickly changed and as of fall 2014 the team is now consist of both males and females.  The team started off with only 7 members (with Nia being an original member).  Now the team has over 20 members and has performed at various events both on campus and off campus.  The team values learning, teamwork, and creativity which allows beginner dancers to learn various techniques and allows more experienced dancers the opportunity to teach.  The team's major goals are to allow free expression through dance and visual arts, building self-esteem and confidence, and build and develop lastly and foundational relationships.   

*Information courtesy of A'lelianne Warren, MA, Academic/Recruiting Coordinator, Veteran's Upward Bound Program and Advisor to Fire-N-Motion Dance Team. 


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