Dreamkeepers Emergency Financial Assistance

  •  The Dreamkeepers Emergency Financial Assistance program at Prince George’s Community College is designed to help students avoid dropping out when faced with unforeseen financial difficulties.   For example, a sudden emergency may include a medical dilemma, sudden loss of a job, or sudden loss of living accommodations leaving the student without some funds to cover a utility bill, healthcare, bus/metro pass, and/or minor car repairs. Tuition and books are not included.  For food or gas assistance, please refer to PGCC Cares.


    • Earned at least 30 credits at Prince George’s Community College for a degree program, or 15 credits if enrolled in a certificate program, be in good academic standing with a GPA of 2.5 or higher, and not on SAP. Transcripts must demonstrate progress towards completing a degree or certificate program within a reasonable time frame.
    • Currently enrolled in at least 6 credits for a degree program and 5 credits for a certificate program at Prince George’s Community College upon receipt of application with the intent to complete course work leading toward the degree or certificate.
    • Provide an original copy of the outstanding bill or a statement of need. This statement of need must be notarized or on agency letterhead.  The bill or invoice must be in the student's name only.
    • Complete a student interview.  The Director of Retention Services will contact you upon receipt of a completed application that is submitted online.
    • Complete an application including a personal statement explaining why you need assistance and the circumstances leading to your emergency.  State specifically what your emergency entails and your plan to meet your financial obligations. 

    Students can

    • Apply 2 times per year
    • $500 maximum award amount
    • $1,000 maximum award for one year
    • After application is complete student will receive status notification within 1-2 weeks

    Apply here https://pgcc.dreamkeepers.org/ 

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    Dreamkeepers Emergency Financial Assistance program

    Office Hours:

    Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Evening hours by Appointment


    Marlboro Hall 2102



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