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Student Success Stories

Kathy Linville

Kathy Linville was already a registered nurse when she arrived at Prince George’s Community College at the age of 37. A single mother, she wanted to pursue her bachelor’s degree in nursing and enrolled in community college because it was an affordable alternative to entering directly into a four-year program. She thought Prince George’s Community College would be “a place to get a piece of paper,” but soon realized it was much more. The engaging professors, small class sizes, camaraderie and supportive environment prepared her well for transfer to George Mason University. “Community colleges
are really good at that,” she says. “They provide opportunities for people who aren’t the traditional students. You can get lost in a university, especially if you’re a returning student.”

Ms. Linville remembers with fondness many of her professors, and one in particular, Lyle Linville, who later became her husband. The late Dr. Linville was a professor of history, director of the college’s Humanities Resource Center and a founder of the college’s annual Bluebird Blues Festival, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. Ms. Linville became a full-time faculty member in 1996, a profession that is in some ways an extension of nursing. As she says, “I feel as though I can’t take care of hundreds of patients, but I can teach a hundred students and they will each take care of hundreds of patients. So my influence is out there.” Three of Ms. Linville’s children also went on to attend Prince George’s Community College.
Kathy Linville