Liberal Arts Division

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    The Liberal Arts Division provides the lion's share of the general education courses at Prince George's Community College, and thus has a unique responsibility to its student population.  In addition, it offers a wide array of transfer options and programs in Art, Music, Philosophy, English, International Studies, African-American Studies, Women's Studies, Communication and Theatre.

    Departments in the Liberal Arts Division

    The division has five departments and is also associated with the Humanities Collegian Center.


    The Humanities Collegian Center


    Collegian Centers are academically focused student organizations. Collegian Centers provide a locus for students within a discipline where they can receive mentoring, advising, discipline specific activities and opportunities for internships and research. Each Center fosters a unique environment conducive to intellectual, academic and scholarly pursuits.  

    • The Humanities Collegian Center

      Focusing on music, art, theatre, communications, English, history, and philosophy.
  •    Dr. Carolyn F. Hoffman, Dean


  • Dr. Carolyn Hoffman, Dean


    Marlboro Hall, Room 3077


    (301) 546-0561

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    Other Liberal Arts projects:

    Book Bridge Project 
    International Education Center 
    African-American Studies Institute