Developmental Mathematics Department

  • What We Do

    The Developmental Mathematics program provides students with an opportunity to take pre-college mathematics in order to prepare for credit math literacy and critical thinking skills in arithmetic and algebra. The Developmental Math Program also emphasizes study and test-taking strategies, calculator, computer skills and laboratory skills - all important for success in college.

    Coursework covers aspects of Developmental Mathematics, including:

    • Arithmetic
      • whole numbers
      •  fractions
      • decimals
    • Pre-algebra
      • ratio and proportion
      • percent
      • geometry
      • signed number and equations
      • measurement and statistics 
    • Introductory Algebra
      • linear equations and inequalities
      • graphing
      • polynomials
      • algebraic fractions
      • radicals
      • quadratic equations and applications  

    The Next Steps

    Visit the department or speak to an academic advisor to find out which courses can best help you succeed in mathematics.

    How Do I Apply?