INT 1010 FAQ

  • INT 1010 Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I need to take INT 1010?

    Most students have INT 1010 required in their curriculum as an emerging technology general education requirement. Consult the college catalog for requirements for your particular degree or certificate program. This is an important step in planning your courses every semester.

    Is INT 1000 a prerequisite for INT 1010?

    No! INT 1000 is a useful one credit course that helps prepare students for INT 1010 if they lack basic familiarity with personal computers or just want more hands on practice in working with keyboarding, files and email before taking INT 1010, a fast paced course. INT 1000 is a one credit course but would count only as an elective.

    Can I test out of INT 1010?

    Yes. The current test out is Certiport's IC3 Certification. The IC3 is an internationally recognized professional certification. Those who earn this certification have demonstrated basic computer hardware, software and Internet knowledge and skills.

    How do I know if I should try testing out?

     The INT 1010 Screening Test is designed to help you make your decision. It has no cost and will give you feedback on whether you should immediately attempt testing out, try testing out after review, take 1010, or take 1000 prior to enrolling in INT 1010.

    How do I take the INT 1010 screening test?

    You must be a PGCC student with an Owl Link account. If you are not a current student or do not have an Owl Link account, you cannot take the screening test. Follow these steps if you are a current student with an Owl Link account. The references in these directions to “CIS” (the former name of the IET Department) must be typed exactly as shown.

    1.  Go to the Prince George's Community College Blackboard Web site, located at  Firefox browser is recommended. Use your Blackboard Account and password (same as your Owl Link userID and password) to login. When your login is successful, you will see the "My Courses" and "eOrganizations" tabs).

    2.  Select the <My Courses> tab.

    3.  Type the string 'Screening Test' in the Course Search Box (do not type the quotes), and click the <GO!> button. The CIS 1010 Screening Test section name will be displayed.

    4.  Click on the down arrows that are next to or they may be under the courseID, 'CIS1010_Screening_Test' and select Enroll.

    5.  Enter the Access Code: CISCREENTST (all uppercase letters)

    6.  Click the <Submit> button.

    7.  At this point, you will see a message similar to: 
    Action Successful:  Success: Enrollment in CIS 1010 Screening Test (CIS1010_Screening_Test) as (username) processed. Click OK to continue.  Monday, March 28, 2011 2:32:37 PM EDT

    8.  Click OK, which will be in the lower right hand corner (you may have to scroll down).

    9.  Once you are in the course, you will see directions on the opening screen.

    If I pass the screening test, does that mean I do not have to take INT 1010?

    No! There is no passing score, just ranges that indicate courses of action students are advised to take. If you have a high score, then you are advised to attempt testing out. If you have a low score, then you are advised to take INT 1000. If you have a moderate score, then you are advised to take INT 1000.  If you have a moderate score, then your are advised to take INT 1010.

    How do I test out?

    Take the IC3 exams, GS4 standard. If you pass all 3 parts (Computing Fundamentals, Key Applications, and Living Online), you will earn IC3 certification and can go through a process to get credit for INT 1010. 

    Once I become IC3 certified, how do I get credit for INT 1010?

    Present your original certificate to the registrar to get the 3 credits for INT 1010. If there are any problems with this, see the INT IC3 coordinator, currently Professor Sally Sullivan. Be aware that it may take a while for the credits to show up on your transcript and that it will appear as transfer credit, with no grade.

    How much do the 3 IC3 exams cost?

    The current cost (February, 2016) for each of the three vouchers is $35.50. Follow this link for information:

    You want to purchase IC3 Exam Vouchers. You might want to purchase just one to see how you do.

    How can I prepare for the exams?

    If you are fairly confident that you want to pursue the test out path, you might want to purchase a bundle that includes all 3 vouchers (with one free retake each), or a combination of these vouchers with retake plus practice tests. The information about these bundles is at the above link. We recommend that you buy one of the following if you plan to take all 3 exams and/or feel you need to review before taking: 

    • IC3 Digital Literacy Exam Bundle (this includes all 3 vouchers with one free retake for each, meaning that if you fail any of the 3 exams, you will be emailed a code to use to retake that particular exam.
    • IC3 Digital Literacy Voucher + Practice Bundle (all of the vouchers as above plus practice tests)
    • IC3 Digital Literacy Voucher + 3 Preparation Bundle - Pearson (all of the previous listing plus an ebook)

    These items are expensive but they cost considerably less than paying for the course. It is up to you to weigh your options and decide what you want to do. 

    Where do I take the IC3 exams and what do I need to bring with me?

    Students are free to take these exams at any Certiport testing center (see The college is a Certiport testing center with limited hours for IC3 testing. Contact Professor Sally Sullivan, for information about location and hours. You must keep track of your Certiport username and password because you will need to use them when you come in to take the exams. Proctors are unable to look up this information, so be sure you have practiced signing on to the Certiport site and can do so successfully before you come in to test. You also need to present a photo id, preferably a PGCC ID. Other testing centers may have additional requirements. Check with them before you go to take the exam, probably by appointment.  

    Can I still take the IC3 even if I stay in INT 1010?  

    Yes, if you do well in INT 1010 we strongly encourage you to take the IC3 because this would give you a valuable professional certification.