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Mathematics Department

  • What We Do

    Prepare for a career in medicine, education, physics, law, chemistry, computer science, business, economics, statistics, and even the social sciences. 

    A Major in mathematics complements virtually any career. The strength of this challenging major is its versatility. 

    Develop an ability to:

    •   Think critically
    •   Solve problems
    •   Explore technological tools
    •   Apply mathematical skills

    The Mathematics Department of Prince George’s Community College offers a full spectrum of mathematics courses from algebra to statistics, pre-calculus, and calculus.  Courses are taught by full-time faculty or part-time faculty who also work in research, industry, government, and education.  

    What You Get

    Mathematics Option of General Studies Associates of Arts A.A. degree 

    • Earn 23 credits in mathematics plus general education courses 
    • Transfer as juniors to colleges and universities to major in mathematics, statistics, or related disciplines.   

    Teaching Mathematics (Secondary A.A.T.) degree 

    • Combines a concentration in mathematics with courses in education 
    • Transfer as juniors to colleges in Maryland offering a bachelor’s degree in teaching secondary mathematics.   

    Where You'll Go

    Federal and State governments:

    Department of Defense, NASA, and National Security Agency seek employees with strong mathematics background.

     Private sector:

    Major employers include scientific research organizations, technical consulting services, and system operations management companies.  Specifically:

    •  Software publishing
    • Aerospace or pharmaceutical manufacturing.
    •  Actuaries (help business assess risk and formulate policies to minimize the cost of that risk.)


     The Next Steps

    Speak to an academic advisor to find out if a program in mathematics is the right fit for you. 

    How Do I Apply?