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Business Studies Department

  • What We Do

    The Business Studies Department focuses on all aspects of the business profession, including accounting and ecomomics.

    Students can take individual courses or work toward a letter of recognition, certificate, or associates degree. In each case credits from one credential count towards the next higher level. For example, the letter of recognition credits can be used towards the certificate.

    What You Get

    Students can choose from a wide variety of programs, from very specific offerings such as, Health Care Management, Accounting and Taxation, or Residential Property Management, to general career preparation programs in Business Management, Entrepreneurship, or Accounting, to tranfer programs that prepare students for advanced study at a four-year school (Business Administration, Economics, or Accouting Transfer programs). See the complete program options listed to the left.

    Where You'll Go

    Students can pursue careers in the business of their choice or continue their education.

    The Next Steps

    Visit the department in Bladen Hall 210 to talk with a faculty member in your area of interest or speak to an academic advisor to find out if a program in this department is the right fit for you.

    How Do I Apply?  

  • Career Services
  • Contact Information

    Elijah Cooks, Chair


    Bladen Hall, Room 210


    (301) 322-0080

    Email us:

  • This is a department within the Social Sciences and Business Division

    The Social Sciences and Business Division includes a diverse array of programs and courses in career areas such as hospitality, culinary arts, criminal justice, child care, human services, accounting and business. The division also includes transfer programs in psychology, sociology, economics, business administration, forensic science, law and teacher certification.