Public Safety and Law Department

  • What We Do

    The department focuses on the broad field of criminal justice, including forensic science, paralegal and legal studies, corrections, fire science, and cybercrime investigation.

    What You Get

    In the Public Safety and Law Department, you'll get practical courses that lead to certificates and degrees that can give you the skills you need to enter the criminal justice field, advance you career, or lead you to further education. Courses are taught by experienced faculty who have worked in the profession. College credit may be earned for corrections, fire/EMS and police academy training. 

    Where You'll Go

    Credits earned at PGCC can be transferred to four-year institutions towards a bachelor’s degree. Graduates who intend to proceed to work are eligible for job placement support.

    Next Steps

    Visit the department to talk to a faculty member, or speak to an academic advisor to find out if a program in this department is the right fit for you.

    How Do I Apply?

  • Police Academy Graduates
  • Contact Information

    Ms. Laura Ellsworth, Chair


    Bladen Hall, Room 208 F


    (301) 546-0553


    (301) 546-5280

    Email us:

  • This is a department within the Social Sciences and Business Division

    The Social Sciences and Business Division includes a diverse array of programs and courses in career areas such as hospitality, culinary arts, criminal justice, child care, human services, accounting and business. The division also includes transfer programs in psychology, sociology, economics, business administration, forensic science, law and teacher certification.