• If improving your English is your goal, Prince George’s Community College has the classes you need to build your life skills, workplace skills, and academic skills in English. Prince George’s Community College offers a wide variety of ESL (English for Speakers of other Languages) classes. There are three programs to choose from. Select the one that best works for you:

  • Academic ESL

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    Academic ESL classes are for individuals who plan to pursue a certificate or degree at a two- or four-year college or university.These classes focus on academic English writing, vocabulary, grammar and reading skills. These classes are also useful for students who want to improve their English for professional advancement.

    Academic ESL is for you if:

    • You have a short-term goal to earn a degree from an American university, OR
    • You studied English in your home country and would like to further improve your academic reading/writing skills, OR
    • You don't require improvement of spoken English skills to navigate within the community and your workplace.

    These courses offer...

    • Development of academic vocabulary, reading skills, and writing
    • Grammar instruction
    • Critical thinking and study skills
    • Access to educational technology

    Courses are available...

    • At the college's main campus in Largo
    • At University Town Center in Hyattsville, near Prince George's Plaza
    • Mornings, afternoons, evenings, and Saturdays
    • Two days a week for 15 weeks (4 hours weekly)
    • Two days a week for 8 weeks (8 hours weekly)
    • Four days a week in a 5-week intensive summer session
    • Two days a week in a 10-week intensive summer session

    The cost is...

    • Approximately $400 per class for Prince George's County residents
    • Sometimes covered by federal financial aid, for students who meet the criteria
    • Approximately $55 per class for textbooks

    For more information...

    • (301) 546 0946
    More information about Academic ESL
  • Transition ESL

     English Writing Skills

    Transition ESL classes are continuing education (noncredit) classes for individuals who are confident in their English communication skills and want to improve their reading, writing or pronunciation and fluency skills. This program is also for individuals who want to prepare for Academic ESL classes, or who are currently enrolled in Academic ESL classes and need additional support. 

    Transition ESL is for you if:

    • You are an intermediate or advanced English Language Learner and you want to improve your reading, writing, listening, speaking, grammar, and vocabulary,  OR 
    • You took the Michigan Test at the College and scored a 47 or below, OR
    • You want to prepare for the TOEFL iBT Test, OR
    • You are preparing for your U.S. Citizenship test, OR
    • You are an au pair

    These courses offer…

    • Instruction in grammar, vocabulary, reading, and writing skills
    • A focus on listening, speaking, academic vocabulary, classroom communication, and American English pronunciation
    • Preparation for PGCC's English Placement Exam, the Michigan Test
    • Preparation for the TOEFL iBT Test
    • Preparation for the U.S. Citizenship Test

    Courses are available...

    • Mornings, evenings, and Saturdays
    • At University Town Center in Hyattsville
    • At PGCC's main campus in Largo
    • At Laurel College Center in Laurel
    • At Northwestern High School in Hyattsville
    • At Eleanor Roosevelt High School in Greenbelt

    The cost is…

    • $80—$345 depending on the course 
    • Most classes are $105 
    • Approximately $0-35 per class for textbooks 

    For more information...

    Are you a legal refugee or asylee?

    • Our Refugee Training Program offers free month-long ESL classes for qualifying refugees, SIVs, and asylees. For registration information, call (301) 546-8350 or visit 

     More information about Transition ESL

  • Adult Education ESL

     Health Care Generic

    Adult Education ESL classes are for individuals from non English-speaking countries who need instruction in speaking, understanding, reading, and writing English in order to be successful in the workplace and in the community, and for individuals who are interested in building their skills to transfer to Academic ESL or Transition ESL classes.  

    Adult Education ESL is for you if:

    • You would like to develop your speaking and understanding of English for life or work,  OR
    • You would like to develop your English-language skills for employment , OR
    • You would like to develop your English skills to assist your children in their school life, OR

    These courses offer…

    • Instruction and practice in speaking and understanding English
    • Reading and writing activities  

    Courses are available...

    • Two evenings a week for 10 weeks (60 hours)
    • Three evenings a week for 7 weeks (60 hours)
    • Saturday mornings in Langley Park
    • Three mornings a week for 7 weeks (60 hours)

    The cost is...

    • No tuition for lower level classes
    • Approximately $45 per class for textbooks

    For more information...

    • (301) 546 0891
    More information about Adult Education ESL