High School Diploma Options

  • Are you ready to earn your High School Diploma?


    The Adult Education Program offers two options for adults and young adults who are seeking to earn a Maryland High School Diploma. 

    GED Option

    The Adult Education Program offers classes to help individuals prepare for the General Educational Development (GED) Tests.  The GED Tests are national exams given by the Maryland GED Testing Office at sites around the state.  The Adult Education Program does not offer the GED Tests, but does offer preparation classes for the exams.   

    The GED option is a good choice for adults and young adults who prefer studying for and taking an exam to earn a high school diploma.  The GED Tests are challenging, and preparation is recommended.

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    NEDP Option

    The National External Diploma Program (NEDP) is a high school diploma option for mature adults who have significant life experience and can demonstrate academic competencies and life skills. Participants work one-on-one with an advisor to develop a portfolio which demonstrates mastery of the required skills.  

    The NEDP is a good option for adults who prefer a more confidential option, can pass a qualifying pre-test, and prefer working independently on a portfolio to preparing for and taking an exam. 

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