Alternative Attendance Option

  • What is the Alternative Attendance Option? 

    The Alternative Attendance Option is an online course (JCL 529) available for youth who are unavailable to attend the SYEP Job Readiness Training. Students in this course provide a comprehensive record of their acquisition of The Alternative Attendance Option requires youth to demonstrate their proficiency and readiness for work. or Career Pathways training. This option allows qualified youth to substitute their completion of the Job Training programs at Prince George’s Community College for the completion of a similarly structured preparatory activity.

    Who may benefit from this option?  

    • Persons attending college or boarding school out of county, or
    • Persons participating in pre-scheduled, structured cultural, educational, or sports activities - with scheduled obligations on Saturdays, or
    • Person who are employed and required to work weekends, AND
    • Has evidence that an alternative activity provides an opportunity to learn and demonstrate the same professional ethics emphasized in the Job Readiness Training.
    • Has evidence that the alternative activity provides an opportunity to learn and demonstrate the same behaviors that are taught in the Job Readiness Program

     Students in these five programs are exempt from this option. 

    • Youth Career Connect  
    • Hillside Youth Employment Training Academy (YETA)  
    • The Training Source Youth Leadership Program  
    • Latin American Youth Center (LAYC/MMYC)  
    • Urban Alliance - Suiteland Juniors 

    Elements of the completed portfolio:

    • detailed cover sheet 
    • letter of recommendation from the organization where you acquired the skills
    • two page essay
    • professional resume
    • results of a career assessment

    What is Successful Completion? 

    1.  The student demonstrates academic integrity in the course.  Namely, the portfolio project must be completed by the program participant.  
    2. Submits a complete portfolio no later than 11:59 p.m. on Monday, April 1, 2019. 

     JCL 529 is a graded course.Final approval requires a minimum score of 50.  Specific instructions and a rubric for grading is available to registered students.  Students with scores of 50 or above receive (P) for passing, all others receive (N) for no grade assigned.