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Continuing Education Certificate

A Continuing Education Certificate in American Sign Language is earned upon successful completion of 60 hours of course work in the area. Foreign language courses may count toward this certificate.

American sign language (web only)
American Sign Language (ASL) is one of the most commonly used languages in the U.S. It is the first language of many hearing-impaired individuals.

ASL is a complete, complex language that uses signs made with the hands and other movements, including facial expressions and postures of the body. It is a language of its own, completely separate from English. It contains all the fundamental features of a language, including rules of grammar, punctuation, and sentence order.

Here's what a recent participant said about Dr. Raymont Anderson's ASL Skill Building class:

"It has been a pleasure being a part of that class as well as a great experience for me. Going in I was very intimidated on what I did not know. However, Dr. Anderson was very accommodating in ensuring that everyone in the class was able to learn and participate. His enthusiasm and teaching technique made me feel comfortable and forced me to stretch myself. I never worked so hard in "wanting" to go home and practice. I am very glad that I had the opportunity to be in his class and have already enrolled in two more. With Dr. Anderson I will definitely continue sharpening my skills in ASL. Sincerely, Linda B."

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