Youth @ Work/ Summer Youth Enrichment Program

Welcome to the webpage for Prince George’s County’s premier Youth@Work/Summer Youth Enrichment Program (SYEP)! Young people between the ages of 15 and 19 years old across the County will have an opportunity to participate in career development, life-skills training and job training sponsored by Prince George's Community College. Youth are eligible to participate in SYEP twice, or up to the age of 19. Second year students will have the opportunity to gain competencies through the newly implemented career pathways program.


 Printable Flyer for the Q & Q Session


Demonstrate the ability to behave ethically in the workplace. 

 Demonstrates appropriate customer service skills in a business setting.

Discuss their skills and abilities with clarity and confidence.

  • Demonstrate a willingness to resolve conflict in a professional manner.
  • Function as a productive member of a workplace team.  


Students are expected to participate in all aspects of the Youth@Work Program. Students who require academic accommodations must contact us immediately at 301-546-9063. Reasonable accommodations must be requested 30 days prior to the first day of class. For detailed information on the college policy for student accommodations visit the Office of Disability Support Services.


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Why is the county and its partners investing in Youth@Work/SYEP? Youth in America are facing a new challenge: employment in a global society. This complex and global environment requires a more highly skilled workforce, even at entry level positions. PGCC is a great place for job seekers to gain specific job skills. The challenge for youth is also complicated by the growing competition in the workplace. In many cases youth and adults are applying for the same positions. This has not happened in our recent history. In Prince George’s County, MD., more young people are unemployed than any other group. Please remember that the cost of living in Prince George’s County is steep. Therefore, young people must have immediate access to opportunities that catapult them into a successful career. The Youth@Work Job Readiness Training Program mimics the workplace; and operates on the assumption that the county’s youth are capable, willing, and eager to advance their careers in a self-initiating fashion.