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Web Design Management


 Internet Webmaster Certificate

The eight-course Internet webmaster certificate program is now available either online or as a hybrid in combination with traditional classroom-taught courses! This certificate program is devised to build and enhance the student's skill in designing and developing Internet applications for both personal and professional use. To start this program, students must have knowledge of the Windows directory and file structures, be able to work comfortably with various browsers, and have at least an intermediate knowledge of the Internet. Consequently, courses that provide an introduction to Windows or the Internet do not qualify as fulfilling program requirements.  Coursework cannot be used to fulfill requirements in multiple certificate programs. 

Online Program Delivery

 Successful completion of any eight of the following online courses:  (other courses can be chosen at www.ed2go.com/pgcc)

DPR-741 Introduction to Creating WordPress Web Sites

DPR-766 Creating Wordpress Websites 2

DPR-393 Designing Effective Websites

DPR-485 Creating Web Pages: Part 1

DPR-409 Achieving Top Search Engine Positions for Your Website

DPR-651 Intermediate Java Programming

DPR-540 Introduction to PHP and MySQL

DPR-672 Introduction to CSS and XHTML

DPR-717 Introduction to Dreamweaver CS6

DPR-718 Introduction to Flash CS6

DPR-329 Java for the Beginner

DPR-651 Intermediate Java Programming

DPR-780 Introduction to InDesign CS6

DPR-724 Introduction to Google Analytics

DPR-479 C++ for the Absolute Beginner

DPR-779 Introduction to Illustrator CS6


  Web Design and Management Certificate

Successful completion of following core knowledge and elective courses (totaling eight courses) qualify the student for a Web Design certificate:

DPR-767 Web Design: Part 1

DPR-768 Web Design: Part 2

DPR-769 Web Design: Part 3

Plus an additional 5 “DPR”

 DPR-767 Web Design: Part 1   1.5 CEUs

This first course in the series is to learn how to design web pages.  All hands-on activities require no prior knowledge of Hypertext markeup language (HTML).  Acquire the latest concepts of HTML and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) language using any text editor and previewing in the browser.  Update your old web sites with the most current versions of HTML and CSS.  Students will experience creating web pages using different layouts, images with rounded corners and muchmore.  Use the web site w3c.org to validate your HTML code. Text required: New Perspectives on HTML and CSS:  Comprehensive, 6th Edition by Patrick M. Carey.  ISBN-13:  9781111526443. 

5 sessions, $234*  (includes a $100 lab fee) 

92487    MW 6/1-6/15       6-9 p.m.   TBA

DPR-768 Web Design: Part 2     1.5 CEUs

The second course of this series is a continuation of applying and practicing the latest web design concepts using HTML and CSS.  Design and format web pages using multiple columns with or without tables, interactive forms, and embed multimedia (audio or video) files. Text required: New Perspectives on HTML and CSS:  Comprehensive, 6th Edition by Patrick M. Carey.  ISBN-13:  9781111526443.5 sessions, $234* (includes a $100 lab fee) 

92488MW     6/29-7/13        6-9 p.m.     TBA


DPR-769 Web Design: Part 3   1.5 CEUs  

The third course of the series, explores JavaScript object-oriented scripting language to create web pages that are more dynamic.  Learn to write scripts to generate functions with variables, events, displaying dates and time, along with a slide show of images. Text required: New Perspectives on HTML and CSS:  Comprehensive, 6th Edition by Patrick M. Carey.  ISBN-13:  9781111526443. 5 sessions, $234* (includes a $100 lab fee) 

87386    MW    4/6-4/20       6-9 p.m.                  Lanham 220

92489    MW     7/27-8/10    6-9 p.m.                  TBA






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