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Early Childhood Education and Child Care

Child Care2
Do you want to work in the child care field but do not know where to start? Maybe you are trying to decide if you want to start your own center/family child care business or work as a Lead Teacher in an existing center? Or maybe you want to take your certification to the next level? Our courses provide continuing education and training geared to help you acquire, maintain, and advance in the child care field.

When considering a career in child care there are a couple of easy questions to ask yourself first:

  • Do I want to run a Family Child Care with 8 or less children in my home?
  • Do I want to own or work in a Child Care Center and need my 90 Hour Certificate?

Depending on which questions you said yes to, this will help you determine which courses you should take!

Family Child Care:  Requires a license from the Office of Child Care, and is classified as watching up to 8 children in your permanent residence.  If you are interested in this career path, you may choose one of two training paths:

  • 24 Hours of Family Child Care Pre-Service Modules:  These are six 4 hour modules that provide you with a high level overview of the Maryland State Department of Education Core of Knowledge areas.
  • 90 Hour Child Care Certification

90 Hour Child Care Certification:  This certification is required to be a Lead Teacher/ Senior Staff in a child care center.  Certification is made up of two 45 Hour courses:

  • Child Growth and Development 45 Hours:  covers child development for ages birth through twelve (DCR-303)
  • Curriculum/Activities 45 Hours:  covers curriculum development for a specific age group.  You must take at least one curriculum course to complete your 90 Hour Certification.  You may be be certified to work with more than one age group by taking multiple curriculum courses:
    •  Infant/Toddler: ages birth through two years old (DCR-315)
    • Pre-School Curriculum/Activities: ages three through five (DCR-304)
    • School Age Curriculum: ages six through twelve (DCR-456)
  • To qualify as Lead Teacher/Senior Staff students must also complete the 9 hours of Communication Skills for Child Care Providers class (DCR-455)

Program Requirements:

  • Successful completion of the Reading Placement Test prior to the start of all Certification courses, this is given on campus at our Testing Center
  • Child Growth and Development is a pre-requisite for ALL curriculum courses
  • Perfect attendance is required to pass the courses
  • Many of our classes are offered as traditional classroom courses and online/hybrid courses