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Grammar, Writing and Public Speaking

Creative Writing
Do you have a nagging suspicion that improvement in your oral and written communication skills might increase the possibility of your career prospects? Don't let small gaps in your business writing and public speaking skills prevent you from reaching your full potential.

Take these grammar and writing courses if you:

  •         want to identify and eliminate problem areas in your business writing
  •         want to improve your grammar and proofreading skills
  •         want to develop correct, complete, varied sentences in order to develop effective paragraphs
  •         review punctuation, capitalization,italics, hyphens, spelling,verb usage, common word pitfalls and effective proofreading 

Take the public speaking course if you:

  •         want to practice in speech making and short-talk presentations
  •         want to learn to polish up on how to present yourself at  job interviews
  •         want to get tips on how to present dynamic oral presentations to small and large audiences