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Students successfully completing HES 326 will be reported to the Maryland Board of Nursing. Students who successfully complete the Assisted Living Manager Program (80 hrs) and Assisted Living Refresher (20 hrs) training will be reported to the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene - Office of Health Care Quality.

Assisted Living Mgr
Assisted living programs are residential or facility-based programs that provide housing and supportive services, supervision, personalized assistance, and/or health-related services to meet the needs of residents who are unable to perform or need assistance in performing activities of daily living. Our assisted living courses provide continuing education and training geared to help you acquire, maintain, and advance in this very rewarding career.

When are classes offered: 

  • The Assisted Living Manager Program is only offered in the Spring and Fall Semesters.
  • RN Case Manager/Delegating Nurse in Assisted Living is offered every semester.

Take these courses if you:

  • Want a competitive advantage when starting a new career or upgrading existing skills.
  • Delegate nursing functions and teach medication administration in the assisted living setting.
  • Are an Assisted Living Manager employed by an assisted living facility with five or more beds.
  • Are a family caregiver and desire to provide assistance to your family member living at home.

We Offer:

HES-486 Assisted Living Manager (80 hrs.)
HES-497 Assisted Living Manager Refresher (20 hrs.)
HES-559 How to Start an Assisted Living Business
HES-326 The RN Case Manager and Delegating Nurse in Assisted Living
HES-571 Caring for Aging Parents
HES-576 End of Life Care
HES-578 Family Caregiving

ASSISTED LIVING MANAGER                                                                              

 Location: Center for Health Studies (CHS) - Room 2211  (unless otherwise noted)

HES - 486Assisted Living Manager Mod 1: Introduction
(1 session) $105

86665 S  2/7    9AM-4PM

HES - 487Assisted Living Manager Mod 2: Assessing, Admitting and Feeding
(4 sessions) $290

86666 F/S  2/20 - 2/28 9AM-4PM

HES-488Assisted Living Manager Mod 3: Clinical Management
   (4 sessions) $240

86667 TH 3/12-3/19 5:00PM-9:15PM
 CHS 2215
  S 3/14-3/21  9AM-4PM CHS 2211


HES-489Assisted Living Manager Mod 4: Mental and Behavior Management
   (2 sessions) $200

86668 F/S 4/10-4/11 9AM-5:30PM

HES-490Assisted Living Manager Mod 5: Management Emergency Planning
   (2 sessions) $185

86669 F/S 4/24-4/25 9AM-4:30PM

HES-497 Assisted Living Manager Refresher
   (3 sessions) $255

86671  F/S  5/15 -5/30  9AM-4:00PM


HES-559  How to Start an Assisted  Living Business - (CHS - 2101)
   (2 sessions) $170

81836 S 12/6-12/13 9AM-3PM CHS 2101
86673 S 5/2 - 5.9 9AM-3PM CHS 1203


 HES-326 The RN Case Manager and Delegating Nurse: in Assisted Living - (CHS 2211)
(3 sessions) $275

81835 F/S 12/5-12/13 9AM - 3PM CHS 2211
86670 F/S 5/1-5/9 9AM-   3PM CHS 2211


  NEW Caregiving Courses      

HES 571 : Caring for Aging Parents (Online) 




ED2GO $130
87548 W/F 2/18-4/17 ED2GO $130


HES 576 End of Life Care   (2 Sessions)



4/11 - 4/18

9AM-1:15 PM $115 CHS 1205


HES 578 Family Caregiving                                                            





  S 3/28 9AM - 4PM