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First Aid & CPR

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Certification Information

Students successfully completing CPR training will be certified for two years. CPR Refresher training is required before the current card expires.

Noncredit 4
Prince George's Community College uses instructional materials from the American Heart Association (AHA) and the National Safety Council (NSC) to administer first aid and CPR training. Both nationally recognized programs maintain the highest standards of emergency health and safety training. By offering both, we provide you the opportunity to select the program that best meets your personal and professional needs. Use of these materials in an educational course, does not represent course sponsorship by the AHA, and any fees charged do not represent income to the association.

CPR Facts: (According to the AHA—Jun 2011) 

Anyone can learn CPR and should, which can double or triple a victim’s chance of survival. Click Here to View "Hands Only" CPR Demo. If you witness a collapse, "hands only" is a good starting point, however if you find someone collapsed, CPR will need to be administered in it's entirety to include respirations and compressions. We're just a heartbeat away. 

"The Love You Save May Be Your Own!" 


Main Campus (Largo) classes are held in the Center for Health Studies Bldg. Rm. 2103

Classes designated (UTC) are held at the University Town Center in Hyattsville, MD Room 257

AHA courses include:
• HES-344 CPR for the Health Professional
• HES-350 CPR Renewal
• HES-367 CPR Instructor Training
• HES-375 CPR for the Layperson  

NSC courses include:

• HES-324 First Aid
• HES-574 CPR and AED
• HES-573 Pediatric First Aid, CPR, and AED 

HES-344 CPR for Health Professionals  (classes meet 9am-3:30pm)
(1 session) $80

87493 S 1/17  
97952 S 1/24 UTC
87494 S 1/24  
90443 S 2/7  
87495 S 2/7 UTC
87496 S 2/21 UTC
90828 S 2/28  
90444 S 3/7 UTC
87497 S 3/7  
87501 S 3/14  
90445 S 4/11 UTC
87502 S 4/11  
87504 S 4/25  


HES-350 CPR Renewal  - Spring 2015
(1 session) $70

81829 S 12/13 9AM-1PM
87483 TH 1/15   
87484 S 2/28 9AM-1PM
87485 W 3/11 6PM-10PM
W 4/22 6PM-1PM



 HES-375 CPR for the Layperson
(1 session) $80

FALL 2015 


 HES-324 First Aid   -  Spring 2015
(1 session) $60

87487 S 1/31 1PM-4:45PM        


HES-574 NSC CPR & AED - Spring 2015
(1 session) $42

87488 S 1/31 9AM-12:45PM

HES-573 Pediatric First Aid, CPR & AED -Spring 2015
(1 session) $80

87491 S 1/10 9AM-4:30PM
87492 4/18  9AM-4:30PM 



HES-367 CPR Instructor Course
(4 sessions) $210

89370 M/TH 3/16-3/19 6:30PM-10PM
  S 3/21-3/28 9AM-4PM