Conversational Foreign Language

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Continuing Education Certificate

A Continuing Education Certificate in Conversational Foreign Languages is offered upon successful completion of 60-hours of coursework in this area. Sign language courses may also count toward the award.

Creative Writing
These courses are geared to the beginner, with little or no previous knowledge of the language. Classes are generally taught by native speakers with emphasis on cultural understanding and speaking as well as vocabulary acquisition and grammar concepts. Reading and writing are used as a vehicle for verbal skills.

 Employment Trends  

  •  In the US, there are at least 25.5 million people -- 13 percent of the nation’s population -- who earn a living, buy goods and services, and provide for their families without speaking English. 
  •  Spanish is the most widely spoken foreign tongue in the US, spoken by 13.2 million adults. French has claimed the number two spot, followed by German, Chinese, Tagalog, Polish, Korean, East Indian, Vietnamese and Japanese. 
  • There is a dire need for foreign language expertise due to the escalating number of security threats. The FBI has a  million pages and hours of intercepted conversations to translate with a backlog that’s hindering its ability to prevent and investigate some crimes.   

  •  Textbooks are required and can be purchased at the bookstore.  

        Title: Spanish is Fun Book 1 - 4th Ed., Amsco School Publication 

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