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Automotive Technology

Trans Auto Tech
Automotive Technology courses provide the basic knowledge and skills to start a rewarding career as an entry-level, service technician in the high-demand Automotive Service and Repair Industry. Courses focus on ASE certification content areas for both beginner and advanced students.

Take the Brakes off  and  Jump-Start Your Career Today!

 Program Features

  • Get the competitive advantage when starting a new career or upgrading existing skills.
  • Learn to use tools, equipment, read gauges, install batteries, select the right part, understand the mechanics. Certification is voluntary, however most service and repair facilities and dealerships require technicians to be Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certified.  Certification typically leads to higher salaries.      
  • According to the Department of Labor, the number of jobs for automotive service technicians and mechanics will increase by 14 percent between 2006 and 2016. This translates into 110,000 new jobs in addition to job openings created by retiring technicians.
  • Convenient evening classes. 
Transportation and Distribution Courses are on pages 81 -87. Registration Information are on pages 4-5. Spring 2015 Noncredit Schedule  NEW!
Course Descriptions:

OCC-301 Auto Tech: Basic Theory 
$425* (includes a $30 lab fee) 4.0 CEUs   

OCC-324 Auto Tech: Brakes Systems 
$230* (includes a $20 lab fee) 2.1 CEUs

OCC-336 Auto Tech: Engine Performance 
$195* (includes a $20 lab fee) 1.8 CEUs 

OCC-400 Auto Tech: Electrical Systems
 $195* (includes a $20 lab fee) 1.8 CEUs

OCC-406 Auto Tech: Heating & Air Conditioning 
$390* (includes a $310 lab fee) 3.2 CEUs
OCC-423 Auto Tech: Automatic/Manual Transmissions & Transaxles 
$390* (includes a $310 lab fee) 3.2 CEUs
OCC-424 - Auto Tech: Steering & Suspension 
$390* (includes a $310 lab fee) 3.2 CEUs

OCC-437 - Auto Tech: Diesel Engine Theory & Maintenance 
$390* (includes a $30 lab fee) 3.5 CEUs


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