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Check out the current SAGE catalog for information about the $50 SAGE registration fee and the 60+ tuition-waiver.

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SAGE is Seasoned Adults Growing Educationally, a tuition-free program of stimulating courses for Maryland residents aged 60 and older. Classes take place in over 25 convenient, community-based venues throughout Prince George’s County.

Don’t age – SAGE!  Studies have demonstrated that you’ve got to use it if you don’t want to lose it – both mentally and physically.  SAGE classes are designed to help you do just that by keeping both mind and body active and engaged.  The reasonable fee structure makes it financially possible to schedule the classes you desire, with only a $50 registration fee per trimester for Maryland residents who are 60 and older. (This registration fee covers an unlimited number of classes which are state-approved and have no time conflicts.  All other fees, e.g. lab, computer and supplies are not included)   

Our creative, competent and caring faculty enrich your classroom experience and the camaraderie of like-minded peers is both stimulating and supportive.  SAGE courses include, but are not limited to, the following topics:


  • Languages  

French, German, Spanish, Greek, and Latin 

  • Computers 

Introduction to Computers, Intermediate Computer Skills,  

Microsoft Office Suite 2010, Internet introduction, navigation and research

  • Financial Issues  

Income tax preparation, financial and estate planning 

  • History  

American, local, and ancient history; cultural anthropology; European culture; and historical perspectives through films and literature 

  • Writing  

Freelance, creative, poetry, and autobiographical 

  • Literature  

From the classics at large to the analysis of a specific genre or author 

  • Music  

Opera, pop, piano, music history 

  • Art  

Watercolor, oil, and acrylic painting, drawing, studio fine arts, ceramics, pottery, stained glass, fiber art, sculpting, and appreciation; art as a business 

  • Healthy Living  

General and aerobic fitness, strength training, weight training, dance, Tai chi, yoga, balance and chronic disease self-management 





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