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Home and Business Automation Technology

Home and Businiess Automation Technician

Computer Technology
Home and Business Automation Technician I

Home & Business Automation Tech I 40 Hours $3,970.00     


SYN# 89097      9/9-10/9   5:45 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.   CE-113   T/TH


  Prerequisites:  None

  Books:              Automation Tech I (Self Published)  

Course Description:  

You will work with the actual components installed by the instructor on actual projects. You will install and configure a security – lighting - camera system from 2GIG and other vendors. Learn how to choose and install each individual component and then program the controller to create a well designed system.  

Learn the fundamentals of electricity. Wire single pole and three-way switches the traditional way and convert them to RF controlled components. Correctly replace outlets. Learn how to manage: lighting, security, surveillance, access control and much more. Program the controller and access the components remotely with any internet connection.  

This is 95% hands-on course working in a live environment.  

Course Objectives:  

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:


  1. Interact with the Client to Discuss Various Automation Options
  2. Design a Complete Automation System Based on Customer Needs
  3. Install a Complete Automation System Based on Customer Needs
  4. Configure and Program a Complete Automation System Based on Customer Needs
  5. Explain How the System Works to the Customer
  6. Perform Basic Electrical Tasks (Replace a Switch or Outlet)
  7. Install & Configure a Basic IP Based Wireless Camera
  8. Install & Configure a Single Pole Switch (Standard and RF Controlled)
  9. Install & Configure a 3-Way Switch (Standard and RF Controlled)
  10. Install & Configure an Outlet/Receptacle (Standard and RF Controlled)
  11. Install & Configure Motion Sensors
  12. Install & Configure Door/Window Sensors
  13. Install & Configure a Door Bell with the Controller
  14. Install & Configure an RF Controlled Door Lock
  15. Install & Configure a Door Viewer
  16. Install Various Components to Complete the Automated Home/Business
  17. Configure Remote Access to Control all of the Automation Components
  18. Create Scene Lighting
  19. Program Triggered Events