Workplace Orientation

  • What is Youth@Work In-Service Training?

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    In-Service Training is a time for employees to receive improve their skills.  Most organizations use In Service training as a means to ensure the organization achieves its goals.  The Youth@Work/SYEP In-Service Training provides the youthful employees with valuable communication skills that help to unite their activities to the organization's mission.    

    Who may benefit from this opportunity?

    This course is available by invitation only.  The Youth@Work/SYEP In-Service Training Program targets the summer youth employees who are placed with the Prince George's County Government or its partner organizations.  In-Service training begins the first week of summer employment. 

    What topics are covered?

    The focus of this course is "Workplace Communication and Beyond."  Youthful employees have the opportunity to practice the exchange of information, both verbal and non-verbal, as required for success within any organization.  New youth employees will also leave training with plans that guide their personal development, career aspirations, and finances.  The In-Service Training occurs over 40 hours:

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    What is Successful Completion?

    1.  75-100% attendance in the face-to-face classes and the online assignments. 
    2.  Demonstrates acceptable behaviors in the training environment.  The program's Ground Rules mimic the standards for acceptable workplace behavior and performance.  Please note business casual attire is required.  
    3.  And finally, the participant performs to a level of satisfactory or above in the actual placement site.     

    The course design includes both face-to-face and online learning opportunities.   This course is graded.