Youth@Work Job Readiness Training

  • What is the Youth@Work/SYEP Job Readiness Training Program?

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    Youth@Work Job Readiness Training is a 32-hour course that creates a safe space for inexperienced employees to receive instruction and demonstrate skills that lead to long-term career success. The course focuses on seven basic skills that enhance ethical performance in the workplace. There is an emphasis on the following skills: attitude, appearance, appreciation, accountability, attendance, ambition, and acceptance.

    Job Readiness Training 2019

    Students attend face-to-face classes on Saturdays during the academic school year. The course design includes both face-to-face and online learning opportunities. This course is graded.

     What is Successful Completion?

    1.  75-100% attendance in the face-to-face classes 
    2.  Completion of all face-to-face and online assignments. 
    3.  Demonstrates acceptable behaviors in the training environment.  The program’s Ground Rules mimic the standards for acceptable workplace behavior and performance.  Business casual attire is expected at all in-person sessions.   
    4.  Completes the final assessment for the Bring Your A Game to Work curriculum.