Arts & Sciences, Associate of Arts

For students interested in transferring to an institution with a foreign language requirement, this program introduces a broad range of the liberal arts and sciences while providing a thorough preparation in verbal, mathematical and critical-thinking skills. As much as possible, this curriculum meets the general requirements for the first two years of bachelor's degree work in most programs offered at four-year institutions in the Washington-Baltimore metropolitan area. Transferability: Credits earned in this program transfer to most four-year public and private colleges or universities. Students should, however, consult with an advisor for the specific requirements of the four-year institution to which they plan to transfer.


Learning Foundations Overall Requirements
General Education-Humanities Group 2 AA/AS
General Education - Mathematics
  • Complete one Math course. NOTE: The following do NOT count toward fulfilling this requirement: MAT-1030, MAT-0104, MAT-2550 MAT-2910, MAT-2920, MAT-2930. All other MAT courses are acceptable.
General Education - Social Sciences
General Education - Information Technology
General Education - Foreign Language
Arts & Sciences (A.A.)
  • Complete 12 credit hours of courses appropriate for your planned transfer program. NOTE: PED-1000 and PED-1030 may not be used to fulfill this requirement.



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