Construction Management, Associate of Applied Science

The Construction Management program acquaints students with management/business operations and knowledge of the practices and procedures related to construction technologies. Technical coursework will acquaint students with various building materials, codes and regulations, types of fabrication and methods of construction. Technical problem solving will be stressed. Business and management coursework will teach basic business structures and concepts as well as contemporary management practices. Avenues for employment include general contracting, specialty contracting, construction supervision, equipment and material suppliers, construction services and/or regulatory agencies. Graduates of the program are prepared to earn a bachelor's degree in Construction Management programs at four-year institutions such as the University of Maryland, Eastern Shore. All credits earned in the certificate and letter of recognition programs can be applied to the A.A.S. program.


Learning Foundations Overall Requirements
General Education - Speech
General Education - Social Sciences (A.A.S.)
General Education - Information Technology
Construction Management (A.A.S.)
18 Credits At the 2000 Level
  • You must take at least 18 credits of 2000-level courses in order to graduate in the General Studies Program. Courses listed below count toward that requirement.



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