Engineering Technology, Associate of Applied Science

Engineering Technology at Prince George's Community College includes electronic engineering technology, computer engineering technology and space engineering technology. All of these areas offer opportunities for immediate employment after graduation or transfer to a four-year engineering technology program. Students choosing to concentrate in the electronics area receive a background in general principles and troubleshooting concepts, rather than training on how to repair specific equipment. They should find employment working with communication systems, medical electronics and consumer and industrial systems. Students who choose to concentrate on computer engineering technology can be employed as computer hardware technicians, help desk technicians and network technicians. The coursework also prepares students to take and pass CompTIA's A+ computer hardware technician certification and Network+ certification exams. Students who choose to concentrate in the networking/Internet working field will be prepared for the Cisco CCNA certification exam. Students who choose to concentrate in space engineering technology will be ready for employment at Goddard Space Flight Center and its associated contractors. Students who choose the transfer concentration are ready to transfer into the BSET programs at Capitol College, University of Maryland Eastern Shore and Old Dominion University. Graduates who substitute higher-level math and science courses also may transfer into the Engineering programs at Capitol College.


Learning Foundations Overall Requirements
SPH-1010 Requirement
MAT-1340 Requirement
General Education - Social Sciences (A.A.S.)
Program Concentration Engr.Tech.Aas
18 Credits At the 2000 Level
  • You must take at least 18 credits of 2000-level courses in order to graduate in the Engineering Technology Program. Courses listed below are being used toward that requirement.



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