General Studies, Associate of Arts

This program is for students interested in transferring to institutions without a foreign language requirement. The program introduces a broad range of the liberal arts and sciences while providing a thorough preparation in verbal, mathematical and critical-thinking skills. General studies include courses in humanities, social sciences, English, science and math, which enable students to sample various subject matters and methodologies so they can make informed educational and career choices. This program transfers to four-year colleges or universities. The various options of the General Studies A.A. degree are listed in the index and are located alphabetically in this chapter. Students should consult with an advisor about transfer requirements.


Learning Foundations Overall Requirements
General Education-Humanities Group 2 AA/AS
General Education - Mathematics
  • Complete one Math course. NOTE: The following do NOT count toward fulfilling this requirement: MAT-1030, MAT-0104, MAT-2550 MAT-2910, MAT-2920, MAT-2930. All other MAT courses are acceptable.
General Education - Social Sciences
Additional Gen Ed Social Sci/Humanities Course
General Education - Information Technology
General Studies (A.A.)
  • Take 26-27 credits appropriate for planned transfer program. No more than 2 credits of PED courses may be used to fulfill this requirement.



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