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This program prepares students for careers in the helping professions, or helps those already working in the field an opportunity to advance their professional development. Students interested in moving directly to advanced study at a bachelor's or master's level may wish to consider a major in Psychology or Sociology.  

The Human Services program provides students with training in both theory and practice required to work in the broad and growing field of human services, which includes assisting professionals in social work, mental health, counseling, rehabilitation, nursing and gerontology. Two structured internships give students direct experience in applied work settings. After completing this program, students will be qualified to work as paraprofessionals helping people with developmental disabilities, mental illness, chemical dependency, physical limitations, and other challenges. Students also may choose to continue their education by entering bachelor's degree programs in human services or social work.


Learning Foundations Overall Requirements
General Education - English Composition
General Education - Interpersonal Communication
Math Requirement for Human Services A.A.S.
Science Requirement
General Education - Social Sciences
General Education - Information Technology
General Electives - 3 Credits including PED
  • Complete 3 credit hours from any subject. No more than 2 credits may be earned in PED-1000 or PED-1030.
18 Credits At the 2000 Level
  • You must take at least 18 credits of 2000-level courses in order to graduate in this program. Courses listed below count toward that requirement.



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