Mathematics Option, Assoc. of Arts in General Studies

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General Information

Earn 23 credits in mathematics in addition to other general education courses.

Transfer as juniors to four-year colleges and universities to major in mathematics, statistics, or related disciplines.

Future work: 

Federal or state governments:  Department of Defense, NASA, and National Security Agency all seek employees with strong mathematics background. 

Private sector:  major employers include scientific research organizations, technical consulting services, and system operations management companies, software publishing, aerospace or pharmaceutical manufacturing.   

The Mathematics Option of the General Studies Associate of Arts degree prepares students to pursue a bachelor's degree in mathematics or statistics at a four-year institution. The Mathematics Option of the General Studies Associate of Arts degree also is recommended for students planning to pursue a bachelor's degree in economics, physics or astronomy; all of which rely heavily on mathematical methods and critical thinking. In the Mathematics Option program, students develop their ability to think critically, solve problems, explore applications of technology to mathematics and apply mathematical skills to other fields. Students also learn to apply quantitative reasoning and mathematical concepts to interpret,analyze and represent real world situations.


Learning Foundations Overall Requirements
General Education-Humanities Group 2 AA/AS
General Education - Social Sciences
Generel Education Math Requirement
General Education - Information Technology
Science Requirement for Math Option
Additional Gen Ed Social Sci/Humanities Course
Elective Course
  • Take one elective course from any subject except PED. CHM-1010 is recommended.



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