Pre-Law Option, General Studies A.A.

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This degree is primarily a general studies degree emphasizing history, political science, sociology, and writing. It is intended to prepare students for successful transfer to a bachelor's program in one of these fields with the ultimate of entering a graduate program in law. Some coursework focuses on criminal justice and law issues and program advisors can guide students in their professional development.

The Pre-Law Option of the General Studies Associate of Arts degree provides a well-rounded liberal education structured to develop students' critical thinking and communication skills. Students who earn the degree transfer to four-year institutions to complete their bachelor's degrees in preparation for the LSAT and admission to law school.


Learning Foundations Overall Requirements
General Education - English Composition
General Education-Humanities Group 2 AA/AS
General Education - Mathematics
  • Complete one Math course. NOTE: The following do NOT count toward fulfilling this requirement: MAT-1030, MAT-0104, MAT-2550 MAT-2910, MAT-2920, MAT-2930. All other MAT courses are acceptable.
General Education - Social Sciences
General Education - Information Technology
General Education Elective



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