Electrical Construction Tech. Opt., AAS in Tech. Studies

The Technical Studies A.A.S. degree program provides a means for students to earn an associate degree using education obtained outside of the traditional college environment. Apprenticeship programs leading to journeyman status can provide this learning through programs sponsored by businesses, labor unions and professional and trade associations. The technical core for each degree option consists of 30 credit hours obtained through the specific approved apprenticeship program for that option and transferred in to the college. The technical electives and general studies courses are the same for all options. The program currently has one option, Electrical Construction Technology, with additional options pending.


General Education - Humanities
General Education - Science
General Education - Computer Literacy
  • Take CIS-1010 unless exempted through examination or other proof of proficiency.
Electrical Construction Technology (A.A.S.)
  • Complete these required ECT courses:
  • Complete 9 credit hours in any CIS, CSM or ENT courses.



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